Sunday, December 30, 2012

Presenting... "Coming From The Void (waag_rel013" by Mystified

I love long form drones. I have expressed this love previously when discussing "Stigma (waag_rel006)" by Earlyguard. Longform drones give me space to think and to be within. I know this may sound a bit weird to some folk but it is my experience … longform drones are a very pleasant distraction from the hustle and bustle of daily life … they provide the opportunity to be immersed in sound for an extended period of time … and for this opportunity I am very grateful.

I am grateful to Thomas Park aka Mystified for providing me with one such longform ambient drone. "Coming From The Void (waag_rel013)" is a deeply immersive piece of music … one that entices, enthrals and then enwraps the listener in an otherworldly soundscape.

It is perfect for moments of solitude or for extended periods of deep concentration. It provides the listener with space to think and to become.

As usual … an MP3 version of this release is available on Archive for free … with a Lossless version available on Bandcamp for 'pay what you want'. Any profits from monies raised will go directly to Mystified himself.

Thank you for your interest in weareallghosts and Mystified's release. I hope you will enjoy this piece of music as much as I do. I have embedded a player below to enable you to here this release.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Thank You from Cousin Silas and weareallghosts

Cousin Silas sent me this track as a 'thank you' for the work I have done for him in 2012. What with releasing his music and designing covers for both weareallghosts and other labels ... he's a taskmaster ... but a gracious one who rewards me with his trust and with his friendship ... two things I treasure deeply. When I heard it I was overcome ... it is a beautiful track and one I just could not keep to myself.

So here it is ... Cousin Silas' 'thank you' to me becomes my 'thank you' to you ... to everyone who has made weareallghosts what it is.

My sincere thanks to the artists who have entrusted their music to me ... to Ade for his artwork ... to everyone who has promoted our work ... to my Olly for her patience ... and to you, the listeners, who have really taken to what we've sought to do here.

Thank you ... and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 24, 2012

...ending the year on a high 2012 - a compilation from weareallghosts and friends

I love a good compilation for two reasons - they are a great way of discovering new music ... and as I like to listen to a variety of music, a well curated compilation with a number of contributors gives me the variety I seek.

This time last year I never dreamed I would have my own netlabel … and I certainly never dreamed I would be putting out my first compilation on said netlabel … a compilation that showcases wonderful independent talent.

Some of the artists featured on this compilation have released music on weareallghosts and I am indebted to them for their generosity in working with me.

Others have been included because they are simply favourites of mine and I wanted to use this opportunity to showcase their talent too. This compilation is more than just a celebration of the musicians on my netlabel … it is a celebration of truly excellent music within the ambient and electronic genres.

I hope, through this compilation, that you will be introduced to  the work of artists you previously hadn't heard of … and through this introduction you go off and find their work. Independent music needs all the help it can get and I am proud to do my bit.

I love music. I especially love the music featured on this compilation and my hope is … at the end of 2012 … that you will love it as much as I do.

My thanks go to everyone who has, in some way, made weareallghosts what it is today. Here's to 2013.

The compilation is available for free over at Archive AND also free over at Bandcamp. Have a wee listen below ...


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Presenting... "Impermanence (waag_rel011)" by Ketsa

What can I say about the music of Dominic Giam aka Ketsa? I'm not sure I have the right words to describe his style of ethnic folk music infused electronica. I could call it 'fusion' but that doesn't sound right. I guess it is his music ... and it is quality music that I am proud to present on weareallghosts. I've been a fan of Giam's for a while but his recent album on Invisible Agent really did seal the deal for me - 'Al Kemet' is awesome! (

What makes this album even more remarkable is that Giam lost his wife, Gabrielle, two months before writing this album. It is a tragically bittersweet reminder of her and is dedicated to her memory. I don't know about you but if I were to lose my wife ... I wouldn't be able function let alone create something so utterly beautiful as the music on this album. It really does demonstrate the Giam's strength of character, his devotion to the memory of his wife and his passion for music.

I hope you will find this album as remarkable and as enjoyable as I do.


An mp3 version is and will always be available for free on ... with a lossless version available for ’pay what you want’ over on our Bandcamp page. Any profits from monies raised will go to Dominic Giam and the foundation he's created in Gabrielle's honour.

Have a listen below ... and spread the word.

Monday, November 19, 2012

weareallghosts is now on soundcloud

We are now on SoundCloud ... go here >>

My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to make this page a reality ... thank you all.

My intention is to put new releases up there a few days before they releases drop.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Presenting... "Open Spaces (waag_rel009)" by Gurdonark

I consider it an honour and a privilege to call Gurdonark a friend. He has wonderfully alternative view on life that i find inspiring. He’s not a hippie or anything ... he just isn't consumed with consumer things ... he is all about open source, community, creative commons and sharing ... in fact, it is what he gives ... what he brings to the table ... that inspires me more. He is a wise sage in a post-modern world ... a photomystic who chases ’feel’ rather than mega-pixels ... someone who equally at home in the outdoors spotting birds or in his ’space’ creating lullabies in the key of now.

I am so proud to present “Open Spaces (waag_rel009)” ... a short collection of said lullabies. Music that is deliciously quirky but undeniably catchy ... music that packs so much in 23 minutes but still retains an air of elegant minimalism.

Unfortunately my two daughters are now in double figures ... so I can’t test the release’s lullaby quotient on them ... but it works for me so I can only surmise that it would have worked for them too: somatic soundscapes for busy days.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

An mp3 version is available for free on Archive ... with a lossless version available for ’pay what you want’ over at Bandcamp. Gurdonark has kindly agreed to help fund waag’s SoundCloud account ... so any profits from monies raised will go straight there.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coming Soon... "Open Spaces (waag_rel009)" by Gurdonark

I am proud to announce that Monday, 19th November will see the release of "Open Spaces" by weirdbient artist and dear friend, Gurdonark.

I was delighted when Gurdonark offered to release some of his music via my wee netlabel and was not disappointed when he sent through the tracks that make up "Open Spaces". These are lullabies in the key of now... and I find them fascinating.

I hope you will too.

"Open Spaces" will be released on Monday - MP3 for free on Archive and Lossless for 'Pay What You Want' on Bandcamp.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Presenting... "Endless Summer EP (waag_rel008)" by Cousin Silas


If I was asked to describe in 1 word the 6 tracks on Cousin Silas' 4th release for weareallghosts I would call it 'ambientelectromelodica'. Not that I need to create a new genre of music just to describe this EP ... far from it ... the music presented in waag_008 fits nicely into the ambient realm with an electroacoustic twist and a real focus on melody.

I've had these tracks for a wee while now and wanted to see out 2012 with something special from Cousin Silas. The thing is … I simply couldn't wait any longer. I love all the music he has entrusted me to release on this wee netlabel and I will be forever in his debt … afterall it was with his encouragement that I started down this road and it is with his support (and the support of the other artists on here and our many loyal listeners) that I keep as enthused as I was back in April 2012.

"Endless Summer" is an EP of its time … a recollection of the best days of the best summers … not necessarily this summer … but one where we have benefitted from being away and do not want to return home. I can connect with this thought.

The EP contains a track entitled "For Julie" … this track is dedicated to Julie Marie Fregeac aka Madame Papillion whose videos on YouTube have be greatly appreciated by Cousin Silas … who speaks very highly of them … and he wanted to give her something in return.

The EP also features artwork from Ade Hodges and my thanks goes to him for his generosity in allowing us to use his image.


Please Note:
An MP3 version of this album is available over at Archive for free ( ... and a Lossless version is available over at Bandcamp for 'pay what you want' ... I have embedded a Bandcamp player below to let you hear it.

Cousin Silas has kindly agreed that all profits raised from this EP will go directly to weareallghosts to enable the purchase of a Soundcloud account for the label. My sincere thanks go to him for his generosity!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coming soon... "Endless Summer EP (waag_rel008)" by Cousin Silas

Next Monday... the 5th of November... will see the release of "Endless Summer EP" by Cousin Silas. It features 6 truly magical tracks that effortless glide into the listener's consciousness over 41 utterly beautiful minutes.

As usual... it will be released in MP3 format, for free, on or lossless (or less), for 'pay what you want', on Bandcamp.

Whether you are a long-time Cousin Silas fan or new to his music... either way... I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this EP.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Presenting... 'Visions (waag_rel007)' by Apta

The seventh release on weareallghosts is now live. Apta has graced us with 7 tracks of the most effortlessly effervescent electronic music... and I, for one, am hooked... and have been since I heard the demos a wee while back.

Here's what I had to say about 'Visions (waag_rel007):
What can I say about Apta's music without slipping into my usually over-wrought verbosity? Simply put… I love Apta's music and was bowled over when he gave me the demos for 'Visions'. I was and am very impressed with his foresight and imagination. That said… I was even more impressed with his ability to make his vision reality… making some super-tasty sounds with some fab kit (I checked with one of my music nerd friends… because I'm clueless when it comes to kit… he was impressed). I am proud to release this EP on my wee netlabel. It has been a dear friend to me ever since it appeared in my DropBox and I hope you will come to cherish it as much as I do. This is truly bleeding-edge independent music and I, for one, will do all I can to support such talent.
And here's what Apta had to say:
Compared to 'Algorithms', This collection uses a lot more analogue synthesis both melodically and rhythmically. My intention was to juxtapose the warm (albeit sonically overbearing) nature of analogue equipment with my enjoyment of the smooth and malleable nature of digital instruments and effects. Throughout this collection there are a lot of minute sonic artifacts, both intentional and unintentional. Those that made it through to the final cut are there for a reason, because they are a sign of the recording process. I don't think that (with a few exceptions) albums benefit from being too clinically produced, or that things should ever be cut out because they sound 'too real'. I recorded this at home, on a computer, with microphones, boxes that have knobs on them and with a mess of leads at my feet. There is no reason to pretend otherwise. Again, this is all part of a learning process, and a part I am very happy with. I just hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it. Thanks for all the support.
'Visions (waag_rel007)' is available in mp3 format for free on Archive (link) on in lossless or less over on our Bandcamp page for 'pay what you want' (link).

I have embedded the Bandcamp player below to let you sample it... enjoy it and please do what you can to support truly independent music. All profits will go directly to Apta.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coming in December... "Impermanence (waag_rel011)" by Ketsa

I couldn't hold onto this any longer... I mentioned this release on Thursday over on my other blog... but wanted to mention it here too. The mighty Ketsa is joining weareallghosts with a superfine selection of smooth Eastern-flavoured electronic beats entitled "Impermanence".

Seriously, this album rocks and I thought it fitting to give him a superfine cover... trust me, the music warrants it.

weareallghosts is just getting stronger and stronger with each release... I am so excited for releases 7 through 11... all have might in their own ways and my thanks go to each artist for entrusting me with their music.

Next up... is Apta's second EP entitled "Visions (waag_rel007)". It will drop 'officially' on Monday but may be up on Archive and Bandcamp sooner than that... I get productive when my family are watching X-Factor.

Until then... stay curious.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coming Soon :: "Visions (waag_rel007)" by Apta

Really excited about this EP... which will drop next Monday (15th October). 7 of the finest electronic-infused post-rock tracks that I've heard in a while... and yes, I am biased but I'm also serious... this is a great release... one that I am very proud of.

Watch this space... as they say... for more.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Presenting... "Stigma (waag_rel006)" by Earlyguard

This morning I dropped the 6th release on this wee netlabel... the long-form ambient electronic drone entitled "Stigma" from my dear friend Earlyguard.

This is what I had to say about the release:
I love the music that Earlyguard produces and I was delighted that he agreed to create an exclusive long-form drone for my netlabel. 'Stigma' is a 45 minute piece… a single track that is the antithesis of everything within current 'popular' music.

Earlyguard isn't about the quick hit or the catchy riff. He is far more than that. He creates space… space beyond time. He shapes his soundscapes in such a manner that the listener becomes fully immersed in his all-encompassing drones. It is almost a cliche to say you can get 'lost' in music but for Earlyguard it is true… certainly for me… I get lost in his creations.

I hope you will experience this delightful disorientation and come to cherish his long-form drones as I do.

...and this is what Earlyguard had to say:

When Thomas Mathie aka @headphonaught asked me to provide a recording for his new stunning netlabel weareallghosts I was in a quite tired phase after my marathon work 'Continuo' to which I gave all my musical energy from December 2011 to June 2012. I needed a break but the opportunity to be part of such a fine Netlabel brought back all my spirits. The flow while producing a longform piece especially for Thomas' label was so inspiring that I even thought about performing live in front of a audience for the first time. While recording 'Stigma' I've had a specific spiritual feeling that I never had before during the production of any of my music. I hope you will share this spirituality with me through this album.
Normally I would pass all proceeds after charges onto the artist... but in this case Earlyguard has waived any fees and would like all proceeds from the 'pay what you want' on Bandcamp to go to this netlabel. We don't have a Soundcloud page and would love one... so, thanks to Earlyguard's generousity, any funds raised will go towards buying a page to promote upcoming releases.

As before... a 320kbps version of waag_rel006 is available on and a lossless (or 320kbps) version is available for 'pay what you want' including £0.00 on Bandcamp. I've embedded the Bandcamp player below to let you have a wee listen.

As I said above... I hope you will experience this delightful disorientation and come to cherish his long-form drones as I do.


Monday, September 17, 2012

some videos featuring Cousin Silas' music

My friend Adam Howie is an inspirational artist. He likes to record his creative process and put it up on the interwebs for others to see. His most recent video contains zombies and features a track off Cousin Silas' recent album "Unhinged Constellations (waag_rel005)". I found it fascinating viewing.

Madame Papillon is a very prolific videographer who has put some beautiful images to some of Cousin Silas' music.

Both Cousin Silas and I are very grateful to her for her work... so much so... there is a track dedicated to her on the upcoming "Endless Summer EP (waag_rel008)".

Her YouTube channel is a source of wonder and well worth getting lost in for an hour or two. She has taste and I am grateful that she chose to feature Cousin Silas' work.


Coming soon on weareallghosts

I really can't express how excited I am for my wee netlabel over the next few months... but I'll try.

First up... we have a really beautiful longform ambient drone from Earlyguard. "Stigma (waag_rel006)" is planned to drop on Monday, 24th September.

Next up we have another EP from Apta entitled "Visions (waag_rel007)". It is Apta at his usual wonderfully effervescent... and will be with you in Mid October.

Lastly... we have an utterly delightful EP from Cousin Silas. "Endless Summer (waag_rel008)" is a collection of tracks that really speak to me and I am eager to get this out ASAP for everyone to hear. If you loved his two solo albums for weareallghosts then you'll love this! Release date is still to be confirmed but I'd hope to get it out in early / mid November. It's too good to keep to myself.

There are a couple more releases that I hope to release before 2012 is over... one from Gurdonark and a follow up from Wolfgang Merx.

It blows my mind to think this wee netlabel will have 10 releases under it's belt before the year is out... and my thanks goes to all the artists who have contributed their art. My thanks goes to you all for listening too. It is appreciated.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

StillStream's 'featured label' for September

weareallghosts has been given the honour of being StillStream's 'featured label of the month' for September... amazed, to be honest, considering this wee label was only a idea six months ago.

StillStream is an ambient, non-commercial, zero-revenue independent net radio station based in the United States... who have been broadcasting since 2005 and hope to keep broadcasting for many years to come. Their mission is to make ambient artists successful and their support, especially to Cousin Silas, has been greatly appreciated by me.

I love the music they play and regularly listen via the 'radio' option on iTunes (iTunes > Radio > Ambient > StillStream). I would heartily recommend them.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Announcing... waag_rel005 aka "Unhinged Constellations" by Cousin Silas

I can't believe my little little netlabel is now on it's fifth release... and what a release it is. To be honest, I've been sitting on this for a wee while... after receiving it from Cousin Silas around the time 'waag_rel001' was released. I wanted to give that release time to become... and wanted this release to stand on it's own.

Personally, I can't get enough of Cousin Silas' current sound... there is something timeless and otherworldly about the soundscapes he creates with his guitars, piano and synths. Whilst his use of vocal samples demonstrates a welcome progression from his work on 'waag_rel002' with Rebekkah Hilgraves... they help to create eerie moments reminiscent of his earlier 'Ballardian' work.

I am humbled to work with Cousin Silas and consider this album to be the best birthday present... given to me far too early... but one I am proud to share with you all.

The album is available for free (320kbps) over on and as 'pay what you want' (Lossless) over on I have embedded the player below to let you hear it.



Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coming soon... waag_rel005 aka "Unhinged Constellations" by Cousin Silas

I'm delighted to say another Cousin Silas album will drop soon... waag_rel006 aka "Unhinged Constellations" follows on from Silas' debut release on weareallghosts whilst simultaneously building upon his joint release with Rebekkah Hilgraves.

We will release this album next weekend (18th/19th August)... to coincide with my birthday.

As before... there will be a 320kbps version on Archive for free and a lossless version on Bandcamp for 'pay what you want'.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A review for 'Algorithms' by Apta on

"...The opening track, “Rise” begins with muffled, ring-modulated keys laying down a stereo pattern before a long, lazy rhythm kicks in, skipping and stuttering gently. Warm keys play out a na├»ve melody in a series of notes and chords. Little backwards synths add to the depth of the soundfield. Synth glitches are played off against quiet guitar notes. A little bitterness is layered over the top by way of noise, contrasting with the sweetness of the rhythm. The track ends with a series of tiny synth sounds laid over piano. It’s a very positive, upbeat track, and a fine opener.

“Break” starts with warped guitar notes, first coiling alone, then behind a distorted pattern on keys, before they are finally dragged into an intricate pattern of almost organic textures. Once again, a slow rhythm appears, albeit completely different to that on “Rise”; it’s in the treble range, with very little by way of bass. A simple descending pattern is added as the music builds, with Fripp-ish guitar shimmering on top. The beat is manipulated, oscillators morphing and twisting the rhythm into something more metallic. A quick fade, and “Break” is over.

Halfway through, and we’re into
“Shadows”; darker in name, but musically uplifting, carrying a haunting, nostalgic melody plaintively set above glitchy electronica. The lead is reminiscent of an old, half-remembered folk tune, dragged from the dim past into the present against its better judgement, and then perched carefully on the top of an intricate base of post-rock guitar and fx. The music is an odd mix of something very old and something not so much new, but rather “now”; it probably shouldn’t work, but somehow it just does. At the end, the guitar distorts, disintegrating into nothingness.

The final track,
“To the Sky” is a peaceful, quiet mix of guitar interwoven with synths. A petite rhythm, almost childlike, grows under filigrees of untreated guitar. Briefly, strings hover at the edges, reminiscent of Eluvium. A pattern of delayed guitar appears, before being swallowed by more guitar notes, this time reversed. Broken lines of static creep in, almost morse-like, under the sound of birdsong. The EP finishes with a tiny, distant propeller aircraft fading off into the blue. It’s done so cleverly that the listener can almost see it, especially on headphones. This is definitely my favourite track here; it’s a gentle ride in the sun on the ground, before taking to the air. Absolutely lovely."

I hope my friend Baxter over at doesn't mind me cutting and pasting the majority of his review of Apta's glorious 'Algorithms'... because it is truly a great review.



Sunday, July 15, 2012

A review of The Path Between The Trees from Damian O'Keeffe

"I'll be honest, it has taken me a little time to really get to grips with this release. Not because it isn't any good; on the contrary, it is very good. More because I wasn't quite sure what it was! .../

...The sense is of someone collecting all of the key tropes of this genre, putting them in a foil-lined sack to keep them fresh, and shaking them up! As they tumble back out, forming new and interesting patterns, the beauty and scope of the work begins to emerge. .../

...I'll be honest, it took a little time to get to know Cousin Silas but now he is like a member of the family."

My dear friend Damian O'Keeffe recently reviewed The Path Between The Trees over on his blog and his kind words really made my day.

Thanks mate... I'm glad you are enjoying Cousin Silas' work and hope you'll enjoy his next album... due to drop on the 19th August.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A review of "Algorithms" from Richard Allen for A Closer Listen

"At this point, Apta may be content to ride out the post-rock wave, but it seems more likely that he is realizing the potential of cross pollination. Highlight the field recordings and drone, the static and stuttering beats, and this project may grow into something unique. The bigger the risk, the bigger the gain or loss, but we’ve always been fans of going big. We’re already looking forward to the next chapter."
Richard Allen for A Closer Listen 

Monday, June 4, 2012

waag_rel003 - listen here

I've embedded the Bandcamp player below... have a wee listen:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

waag_rel003 aka Algorithms by Apta has dropped

OK... I went early... I said it would drop tomorrow but... I couldn't wait. Yes, it's that good!

Four tracks from Apta that live in that wonderful no-mans-land of post-rock, ambient, and electronic sounds. Four tracks that I've had for a wee while now and come to adore.

As I say on the release notes... I was delighted when Apta offered this EP for release on weareallghosts... it's the kind of music we wish to promote by the kind of musician worthy of promotion.

I really do hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Here's what Apta had to say about the EP:

I have made this EP as an attempt to fuse together the contrasting styles of music I love. By encompassing the melodic sensibilities of instrumental post-rock with the slightly skittish rhythmic nature of IDM and electronic music, I am trying to refine my sound into a cohesive whole. This EP was based around the idea of a problem, and a resolution, The contrast of light and dark, and the transformation from one into the other. 
Conceptually, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but as with most things, it is merely a step towards the eventual goal. 
I'm eternally grateful for everyone out there who likes this, and as ever, to Thomas and for giving me the encouragement to carry on. Thanks to all of you who listen.

The EP is available at 320kbps for free over on or lossless for pay what you want over on ALL profits will go to Apta... so if you can support this young and upcoming musician... please, please do so.

In closing, my thanks to Apta for entrusting me with his EP... and to you for listening.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Coming soon... waag_rel003 aka "Algorithms" by Apta

It gives me great pleasure to announce our third release on weareallghosts... a four track EP from Apta entitled "Algorithms".

It's official release date is Monday, 4th June, 2012; and will be available on Archive (320kbps) for free and Bandcamp (.wav or lower) for pay what you want.

I'll tell you more about it in due course... but please be assured, this release is a cracker!



It's released on 4th June and not 6th June... my bad!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The wait is over... introducing "the devil came to me" by Rebekkah's Cousin Silas

For our sophomore release on weareallghosts, we have something very special indeed... a collaboration between spoken word poet and soprano Rebekkah Hilgraves and ambient musician and weareallghosts collaborator Cousin Silas... Rebekkah's Cousin Silas.

Released simultaneously on (.wav, .flac and lower) and (320kbps or ogg)... "the devil came to me" is in four parts:

(1) an initial longform piece entitled "Rachel (above adversity)" that sets the scene for the whole release...
(2) "the Rachel suite" - 15 tracks with similar themes of defiance... of being in the presence of evil and of overcoming... the journey into the heart of darkness and surviving to tell the tale.
(3) + (4) two separate tracks that each have their own stories to tell - "devil in the details" and "a gig is a gig".

This is a collaboration that was and is meant to be... and one I am proud to have on weareallghosts.

Have a wee listen below and download it from either or To save free download tokens... if you are after 320kbps then please use - you can use *this link* to download directly from there.

My thanks to Rebekkah Hilgreaves and Cousin Silas for entrusting this album to this wee netlabel... and to you all... our listeners... for listening and sharing our music so passionately. It is appreciated!


Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming soon... waag_rel002 aka "the devil came to me" by Rebekkah's Cousin Silas

It gives me great pleasure to present the artwork for our next release on we are all ghosts and provide some details on it.

Our next release... waag_rel002... is entitled "the devil came to me" and it is the culmination of some serious effort from Rebekkah's Cousin Silas... a new partnership between ambient musician Cousin Silas and poet & soprano Rebekkah Hilgraves... a partnership that when I heard it I knew I had to have it on my wee fledgling label.

I'll post more details in due course but the planned drop date is a week today :: Monday, 7th May... which, by the way, coincides with Cousin Silas' birthday.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some thoughts on waag_rel001 from Tim Rowe aka @innervox

I wanted to share this email I received from Tim Rowe aka @innervox ...

Having recently been exposing myself to an overdose of Drone and long-form music in general, it was a refreshing experience to hear these varied tracks from Cousin Silas.

If I were to sum up the whole album in one word it would be "Atmosphere." Each track manages to convey a sense of this in a most unique way.

I was also impressed with the variety in what could be called the style of each track. With some ambient (or similar) music it is easy to allow it to "bland out" and, whilst this can be OK if one is using the music as a background for, say, meditation - it is not always inspiring. :)

This has been written after only a few days brief exposure to the album, but I am looking forward to letting it soak in more fully.
I really appreciate encouragement like this... and am grateful to Tim for sending it over. Delighted he is connecting with the music.


Elements 1 features a previously unreleased track from Cousin Silas

Elements 1 from the music site The Future Elements (for whom I write for) is a compilation of 35 ambient, electronic, post-rock and neo-classical tracks. It is truly first class (read my thoughts over on my blog).

One of these 35 artists is none other than our Cousin Silas... who has submitted a previously unreleased track entitled "The Falling Curtain". This track will be included in an upcoming release by him on weareallghosts.

The compilation is free to download and well worth checking out.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Path Between The Trees featured on John Toolan's "Music To Wash Up To" blog

"...During our passage through the album we have encountered many changes in mood, warmth and texture, but there is no sense that these changes have been contrived, and indeed, the journey seems as pure as one may encounter on a personal level. The artwork on this release manages to capture the sense of poignancy, yet with an underlying unease, as the organic image of a tree lined lane is displayed at an angle that is ill at ease, and colours are synthetically enhanced. As an inaugural release, We Are All Ghosts should be rightly proud of this release, as it encompasses all that it is possible to achieve from a private musical passage."
John Toolan - Music To Wash Up To

My friend John has taken the time to write up his thoughts on "The Path Between The Trees"... and to say I am delighted would be an understatement. Please take the time to read his full review.

Thanks John!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

weareallghosts is now on bandcamp

After some discussion and a bit of tooing and froing... I've decided to open a Bandcamp account. I've done this for three reasons:

1) It's the best distribution channel for music downloads... bar none... and allows the listener to download any format they wish... with the minimum format 320kbps.

2) It's a great way to expand our reach from this blog, word-of-mouth (including Twitter) and our presence on Archive.

3) It allows for embeddable streaming. The Archive player got too many complaints, to be honest.

I've embedded the player below... have a listen... and if you haven't downloaded "The Path Between The Trees" or wish a lossless format then please download.

Oh and whilst the album is available to download for free... if you wish to throw us a few pounds to help with the costs etc, please feel free. All profits will go to Cousin Silas in the vain attempt we can offset his musical instrument addiction.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Some thoughts on waag_rel001 from Tom Laird

110412_ Tom & Tom... the @gwfaa fan club

On Wednesday night I met up with Austin Radio DJ Tom Laird aka @progscot... he was over in Scotland and I grabbed the opportunity to meet up with him. It was a fab night with more on in available over on my blog.

Whilst I was there I did do my bit to promote the net label and, predominately, the inaugural Cousin Silas release... knowing in my gut that "The Path Between The Trees" would be Tom's kind of thing. Below is an email I received from him last night. It kind of speaks for itself:



I am not the best reviewer but I really like this release. I like the different genres that are performed.....Dark Ambient, Cinematic pieces, piano/guitar/soundscapes. All in all it is a really nice album.

In One Corner - Outstanding piano so simple and beautiful. Love the clicks and glitches in the background. Great opening track.

Of Ancient ways - Nice mixture of keys and guitar and those wispy soundscapes in the background. Nice sound panning too.

Beneath The foundations - Dark ambient, what else is there to say. never been good at describing dark ambient but the dark ambient music on this release is very listenable.

The Path Between The Trees - As above, bit less dark......twilight ambient if you like. Really nice textures.

Rediscovered - Great beats and rhythms on this track. Big wide sound field that gets filled with those swirling soundscapes.

Strange Qualities - Very dark ambient track, and i can sense a touch of melancholia as well. Never lifts itself, always on the downside.

Lost Images - This piano/guitar mix really works for me on this album and this track is just beautiful.

The Sealing Of The Pothole - Dark ambient with more going on in the background. More industrial in sound i feel.

Diversions - Nice rhythm and there is primarily guitar playing. More free form sounding with not a lot of melody.

Lowland - Amazing soundscapes accented with guitar and keys, stunningly beautiful.

So there you have it, I think it is an excellent release. But there are two sides to Cousin Silas, maybe even a bit of Bipolarity going on somewhere. One one hand is the dark ambient stuff and then on the other it is guitar/keys/soundscape which are cinematic in nature but stunning musicianship on these tracks.

Thanks for releasing this, i look forward to more like it.




Both Cousin Silas and I are over-the-moon. Our thanks to Tom for taking the time to listen and express his feelings on the music featured. It is appreciated.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The wait is over... presenting "The Path Between The Trees"

The wait is over and I am delighted to present "The Path Between The Trees" by Cousin Silas... the inaugural release on weareallghosts.

On this release... Cousin Silas has created a series of soundscapes that feed the soul and inspire the heart with their warmth and vitality. For me, I think you can hear the real progression of an artist at the top of their game... the classic "Ballardian" ambient soundscapes are represented here but there is more... an expansion of his sound... an evolution into new areas that I just find fascinating and absolutely love. I hope you will too.

Kudos to Cousin Silas for help make this dream come true... and my sincere thanks to everyone who has followed the journey.

To download directly (320kbps mp3) please use this link or go to


Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming soon... waag_rel001 aka "The Path Between The Trees"

waag_rel001 :: "The Path Between The Trees" :: Cousin Silas

I am proud to present the artwork for the first release on weareallghosts... and, more importantly, announce who it's by.

I have been a fan of Cousin Silas for a number of years... ever since I discovered his Ballard Landscapes on Shaun Blezard's mighty Earth Monkey Productions netlabel. Over the years our friendship has developed and I've been very fortunate to design the artwork for a number of his more recent releases. I love his music and felt it the natural next-step to develop a vehicle to release some of his music.

I need to finalise a few things and get the tracks up into which I hope to do this week whilst I am off... but I was eager to spill the beans and share with everyone who have been so kind and encouraging in this endeavour.

The album will be released for free and it marks an evolution in Cousin Silas' sound. I won't say any more than that... other that to calm fears he's gone all dubstep... he hasn't.

I hope you will enjoy this release as much as I have over the last month. I am very impressed and am not just saying that because he's a friend and he's releasing this album on my netlabel... it is very good, in my humble opinion, and I can't wait to share it.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support. Please spread the word.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

coming soon

People with a sense of the gift not only speak of it as food to eat but also feed it (the Maori ceremony ‘feeds’ the forest hau). The nourishment flows both ways. When we have fed the gift with our labor and generosity, it grows and feeds us in return. The gift and its bearers share a spirit which is kept alive by its motion among them, and which in turn keeps them both alive.

The Gift: How the Creative Spirit Transforms the World by Lewis Hyde

I have been fed by the myriad of netlabels out there... releasing awesome music from awesome musicians... and it is now my turn to feed this gift by giving back to the netlabel community.

weareallghosts is one way I can give back... by facilitating the release of music from artists... both new and established... that may not otherwise have been released.

Please bookmark :: :: follow us on Twitter :: @weareall_ghosts :: and look for our first release in the near future.

If you do not already follow me on Twitter :: Thomas aka @Headphonaught :: then please feel free to do so... I'll post updates from there too.

Thanks for stopping by.