Saturday, July 20, 2019

Presenting ... Twang 006 - Structures (waag_rrl013) by Cousin Silas

The sixth TWANG - "Structures" - takes Cousin Silas' series of atmospheric ambient and experimental soundscapes, each recorded in a single take with no overdubs or edits, into a more earthy, structural realm.

Featuring 14 tracks from the original release and 2 further "bonus" tracks for this release, Twang Six is another fine continuation of and addition to the Twang series.

From the opening track - "Angled" - through to the final track - "The Silent Screams Of The Screamy Things" - this is another wonderful collection of the dark sci-fi inspired ambient soundscapes that Cousin Silas is renown for ... one that that is best consumed on headphones, preferably in a darkened room.

As before, my thanks goes to the wonderful waag community ... for their generous support. 

A 320kbps version of this release is available, for free, over on Archive with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Presenting ... The Glow Of An Old Valve (waag_tap001) by The Collective

"The Collective is a band at a distance. A group of like-minded folk from around the globe who coalesced in the Cousin Silas Emporium around the idea of producing a wide-ranging musical collaboration as a homage to the Byrne/Eno works of the early 70s. Given the huge diversity of talent, the end result is nothing like its inspiration, but remains gloriously original." 
- Taken from the liner notes

I'm delighted to release the first album from The Collective on weareallghosts ... it is a deep, interesting release that I hope will keep you as entertained as I have been. In fact, it has whetted my whistle for the reference material from Byrne & Eno. Too many artists on the album to thank by name ... suffice to say, however, that I am grateful to both Cousin Silas and Adrian Nicholls aka Glove of Bones for bringing their collaboration to my attention.

The Glow Of An Old Valve (waag_tap001) is also our first audio cassette release on weareallghosts ...  with 100 tapes available for purchase at £5 each (£1 more than the digital download).

I've been wanted to experiment with tape as a physical medium and I am grateful to Rob Mellor from the Submarine Broadcasting Company for all his help and advice.

If you decide to buy a tape then I am grateful. I don't know whether you have a tape player in your home to listen to the album on or if you are buying this cassette for the novelty factor and to own an artefact ... but your support is appreciated.

This album will not be made available on Archive.

- Thomas

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Presenting ... "A little pieces of happiness (waag_rrl012)" by Shinpal

"I like electronic music and make it with modular synth in Japan."

This is what caught my eye when I received an email a wee while back from Japan. Shinpal, the creator of "A little pieces of happiness" had emailed me to ask if I would re-release their album on weareallghosts.

To say I was intrigued was an understatement ... I immediately followed the link provided and was blown away with the musicality of the sounds presented. I am honoured to welcome Shinpal to weareallghosts.

Please take the time to listen to this album and soak up the glorious sounds presented, modular synth sounds that include a waag exclusive track that isn't available on the original album.


Saturday, April 6, 2019

Presenting ... Cousin Silas' forty-first dronescape (waag_drs041)

It's been a ridiculously long time since the last Dronescape ... I guess I don't want them to end and am unconsciously stretching them out so they'll last longer. These post-sixty minute longform pieces have become such an important part of my life, I just don't want the series to stop.

I know the Dronescapes have built up a bit of a following and to everyone who has or will buy them, I do promise to release the remaining pieces more often. But when you hear Cousin Silas' forty-first dronescape, you'll want me to slow do too.

Dronescape 041 is a glorious piece, resplendent in its seventy minutes. It is wonderfully textured and atmospheric, with a wide-open ambience that instantly made me think of those awe-inspiring Cyclopean vistas in Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness. There are wee snippets of melody that float into perception and then disappear, replaced with more dramatic sounds that surprise me, as the listener, and keep me on edge, expectant and wanting of more.

I don't think I have heard as varied a dronescape from Cousin Silas as I have with forty-one ... and I absolutely love it. This is definitely a piece that you'll come back to, time and again.

It is important to note that weareallghosts is funded through the money we receive for albums and dronescapes such as this. For us to realistically continue to put out this level of quality in the quantity that we do, we need to levy a small charge for our releases. Please help out by buying the dronescape.

That said, if you aren’t able to then please note a 320kbps version of this release is available over on Archive ( for free.

- Thomas

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Presenting ... TWANGS 3 - 5

Over the weekend I rereleased three more TWANG albums from Cousin Silas ... each one features new artwork and 2 bonus tracks ...

From the opening track - "Let Darkness Prevail" - through to the final track - "Singalong!" - TWANG THREE is a wonderful collection of the deep, dark ambient soundscapes that Cousin Silas is renown for.


Featuring 13 tracks from the original release and 2 further "bonus" tracks for this release, Twang Four is another fine continuation of and addition to the Twang series.

From the opening track - "Inside The Epimethian Crystal Caves" - through to the final track - "Galaxies Like Sand" - TWANG FIVE is another wonderful collection of the sci-fi inspired ambient soundscapes that Cousin Silas is renown for.

As before, my thanks goes to the wonderful waag community ... for their generous support.



Sunday, February 24, 2019

Presenting ... Ballard Landscapes 7 (waag_rel129) by Cousin Silas

I think it was the original "Ballard Landscapes" on Shaun Blezard's seminal Earth Monkey Productions imprint that introduced me to the rabbit hole that is Cousin Silas' music. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since those days and my relationship with our Cousin Dave has flourished and developed in so many ways that I could never have foreseen. In short, I am proud to call him a friend and know, with absolute certainty, that weareallghosts would not be what it is without his input. In fact, it probably would not exist considering it was our favourite Yorkshireman who inspired me to make the move. Yes, it's his fault!

I loved his Ballard Landscapes, back in the day, because I hadn't heard anything quite like them ... whilst I was familiar with Tangerine Dream and considered "Rubycon" as one of my favourite albums, this was different: it had atmosphere and space and a sense of place; it was music I could think to, dream to; it didn't interfere if I didn't want it to, and in a time before I became familiar with Brian Eno's music, it was truly ambient music;

It is with this in mind that I welcome the seventh instalment of Silas' Ballard Landscapes series, atmospheric music inspired by the writing of J. G. Ballard.

It is to my shame that I don't know enough of Ballard's writing but his work IS on my list if it does inspire his readers in such ways. I have certainly been inspired by Silas' Landscapes and am so very grateful that he agreed to release this album on waag.

As before, my thanks goes to the wonderful waag community ... for their generous support.

A 320kbps version of this release will be available, for free, over on Archive with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’.


Saturday, February 2, 2019

Presenting ... The Emporium Project 1point5 (waag_rel128) by Cousin Silas & Friends

The Emporium Project 1.5 (waag_rel125) is the last of five albums from Cousin Silas and his Friends, and brings to an end this initial collection of collaborations.

It is a fitting end to an exceptional series and, in many ways, Cousin Silas has left the best to last with a cheeky 59 minute longform piece from the three amigos: Silas, Lyons & Jones; positioned almost nonchalantly in the middle of this set. Tracks in partnership with Jaime Munárriz and Øystein Jørgensen stand out too ... albeit it really is difficult to call out favourites from these 13 tracks. Kudos, however, must be given to Anthony Donovan whose collaboration completes this mammoth set with such a notable atmosphere. I'm sad to come to the end of the first Emporium Project but, with 64 tracks to consume over the 5 volumes, I'm not too disappointed.

We continue to use this series as an opportunity to give a little back to our wider community. All monies raised from the sale of this album will be donated to Hospice UK. I am both fortunate and grateful to work for an employer who actively matches all donations made ... so every purchase will be doubled for the benefit of a very worthy cause.

I really do hope you will enjoy this album as much as I have.

- Thomas

**Please Note:** due to the fundraising aspect of this album, it will not be added to our collection over at