Monday, September 12, 2016

Presenting ... "Berlin Evenings (waag_CDr004)" by Cousin Silas

The only thing you can be sure of when you dive into a Cousin Silas release is that you won't always know what to expect. Over the course of fifteen years and close to 100 releases Silas has established himself as the master of modern ambient music. Each album has a flavour and sound all its own and now here he is with his first album length exploration of the "Berlin school" of electronic music. He's dabbled before of course on tracks here and there, but here he dives head first into this most enduring and beloved form of electronica with a stunning collection of pieces built around the characteristic pulsating sequencers, lush Mellotron-inspired pads, authentically retro-sounding leads and of course flashes of that familiar Silas guitar.

What impresses the most here - as it does with all Silas releases - is the breadth of the material on offer. One might expect that, having chosen to focus on one sub-set of electronic music, Silas would have restricted his sonic palette, narrowed his vision, but not a bit of it. This is no slavish pastiche, no simple wallow in nostalgia. This is, as ever with the music of Cousin Silas, vital, uplifting and inspiring music that offers endless rewards with each subsequent play.

- Kevin Lyons, 2016

My sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this journey:
To Tim, Lutz, & Kevin ... it takes a village and we're so glad you reside in ours! To the waag family who have kept us going ... thank you!!! And to Dave ... thanks for your faith in me.

- Thomas Mathie, 2016

Music by Cousin Silas
Mastering (Tracks 1 - 9) by Tim Jones for Stone Premonition
Photograph by Lutz Thuns, with grateful thanks
Liner Notes by Kevin Lyons
Design by Thomas Mathie for
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