Monday, September 24, 2012

Presenting... "Stigma (waag_rel006)" by Earlyguard

This morning I dropped the 6th release on this wee netlabel... the long-form ambient electronic drone entitled "Stigma" from my dear friend Earlyguard.

This is what I had to say about the release:
I love the music that Earlyguard produces and I was delighted that he agreed to create an exclusive long-form drone for my netlabel. 'Stigma' is a 45 minute piece… a single track that is the antithesis of everything within current 'popular' music.

Earlyguard isn't about the quick hit or the catchy riff. He is far more than that. He creates space… space beyond time. He shapes his soundscapes in such a manner that the listener becomes fully immersed in his all-encompassing drones. It is almost a cliche to say you can get 'lost' in music but for Earlyguard it is true… certainly for me… I get lost in his creations.

I hope you will experience this delightful disorientation and come to cherish his long-form drones as I do.

...and this is what Earlyguard had to say:

When Thomas Mathie aka @headphonaught asked me to provide a recording for his new stunning netlabel weareallghosts I was in a quite tired phase after my marathon work 'Continuo' to which I gave all my musical energy from December 2011 to June 2012. I needed a break but the opportunity to be part of such a fine Netlabel brought back all my spirits. The flow while producing a longform piece especially for Thomas' label was so inspiring that I even thought about performing live in front of a audience for the first time. While recording 'Stigma' I've had a specific spiritual feeling that I never had before during the production of any of my music. I hope you will share this spirituality with me through this album.
Normally I would pass all proceeds after charges onto the artist... but in this case Earlyguard has waived any fees and would like all proceeds from the 'pay what you want' on Bandcamp to go to this netlabel. We don't have a Soundcloud page and would love one... so, thanks to Earlyguard's generousity, any funds raised will go towards buying a page to promote upcoming releases.

As before... a 320kbps version of waag_rel006 is available on and a lossless (or 320kbps) version is available for 'pay what you want' including £0.00 on Bandcamp. I've embedded the Bandcamp player below to let you have a wee listen.

As I said above... I hope you will experience this delightful disorientation and come to cherish his long-form drones as I do.


Monday, September 17, 2012

some videos featuring Cousin Silas' music

My friend Adam Howie is an inspirational artist. He likes to record his creative process and put it up on the interwebs for others to see. His most recent video contains zombies and features a track off Cousin Silas' recent album "Unhinged Constellations (waag_rel005)". I found it fascinating viewing.

Madame Papillon is a very prolific videographer who has put some beautiful images to some of Cousin Silas' music.

Both Cousin Silas and I are very grateful to her for her work... so much so... there is a track dedicated to her on the upcoming "Endless Summer EP (waag_rel008)".

Her YouTube channel is a source of wonder and well worth getting lost in for an hour or two. She has taste and I am grateful that she chose to feature Cousin Silas' work.


Coming soon on weareallghosts

I really can't express how excited I am for my wee netlabel over the next few months... but I'll try.

First up... we have a really beautiful longform ambient drone from Earlyguard. "Stigma (waag_rel006)" is planned to drop on Monday, 24th September.

Next up we have another EP from Apta entitled "Visions (waag_rel007)". It is Apta at his usual wonderfully effervescent... and will be with you in Mid October.

Lastly... we have an utterly delightful EP from Cousin Silas. "Endless Summer (waag_rel008)" is a collection of tracks that really speak to me and I am eager to get this out ASAP for everyone to hear. If you loved his two solo albums for weareallghosts then you'll love this! Release date is still to be confirmed but I'd hope to get it out in early / mid November. It's too good to keep to myself.

There are a couple more releases that I hope to release before 2012 is over... one from Gurdonark and a follow up from Wolfgang Merx.

It blows my mind to think this wee netlabel will have 10 releases under it's belt before the year is out... and my thanks goes to all the artists who have contributed their art. My thanks goes to you all for listening too. It is appreciated.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

StillStream's 'featured label' for September

weareallghosts has been given the honour of being StillStream's 'featured label of the month' for September... amazed, to be honest, considering this wee label was only a idea six months ago.

StillStream is an ambient, non-commercial, zero-revenue independent net radio station based in the United States... who have been broadcasting since 2005 and hope to keep broadcasting for many years to come. Their mission is to make ambient artists successful and their support, especially to Cousin Silas, has been greatly appreciated by me.

I love the music they play and regularly listen via the 'radio' option on iTunes (iTunes > Radio > Ambient > StillStream). I would heartily recommend them.