Sunday, May 14, 2023

Presenting ... Hymns Under An Open Sky (waag_rel155) by Allen Pitts

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Great Britain. The eleven days of dashing about and trying to visit the historic sites of three Countries became my "Castles and Cathedrals Tour". Upon returning to the US, I had time to think about the thousands of years of culture I was made deeply aware of.

This collection of music is inspired by thoughts of both the beginnings and enduring remnants of worship in Britannia. The places where land, sea, and sky inspired the sharing of faith. It is my hope that you find moments of peace and joy as you listen.

- Allen


I'll be honest with you ... I've been harassing Allen Pitts for a while now to release an album with weareallghosts. I am a huge fan of his music, especially his collaborations with our Cousin Silas, and have been for a long time ... and felt that he needed to release an album ... he needed to get his music out into the world for everyone to hear.

"Hymns under an open sky (waag_rel155)" is an intriguing proposition ... a collection of ambient recordings that were inspired by a visit Allen made to various places and spaces in Great Britain ... these liminal spaces are associated with early Christianity with some ... Lindisfarne, Iona, Whitby ... earning their place as a title on the album.

Allen somehow manages to capture the magic of these places ... his tracks are infused with a sense of atmosphere and convey the feeling of being somewhere special ... the feeling of awe that we can all experience, whether we subscribe to a particular faith or not. And he has used this to create exceptional soundscapes that I easily found myself lost in.

That is my hope for you ... that you'll get lost in these tracks ... and you'll find something, some small part of the awe that Allen felt ... and it will bring you joy.

- Thomas