Sunday, August 16, 2015

Presenting ... "Oscillation I (waag_CDr002)" by Symatic Star & String Theories

I am proud to announce weareallghosts' second physical release - "Oscillation I" by Symatic Star & String Theories.

From the liner notes:
Collaboration of the kind shown here from Symatic Star and his collective, String Theories, on their first album - "Oscillation I" - is a truly beautiful thing indeed. 
Working with waag alumni Stephen Briggs and Cousin Silas, as well as Chris Archibald, Steve Bobs, Disturbed Earth, Dan Minoza, and Darage Bang; under the collective name of String Theories … Simon Walsh aka Symatic Star has created something exquisite: music that is both deeply engaging and expressive ... music that is memorable, not for individual contributions but for the whole togetherness of the pieces presented. Elements of post-rock and "world" sounds combine with expressive improvisation forming atmospheres, the whole interwoven by Walsh's masterful ambience. 
String theories is a musical collective where each member contributes to the overall sound using only stringed instruments such as guitar (all), fretless bass and bass VI (Symatic Star) and even the mandolin (Darage Bang); crafting this sound with a range of pedals and software, as appropriate. 
This is not a sum-of-the-parts endeavour but a series of genuine collaborations where the seams do not show, where continuity and flow, as values, are both expertly and consistently expressed. 
Oscillation I was directed by Simon Walsh with the members of String Theories each contributing to one track. Oscillation II will see the role of director pass to another member with Symatic Star only playing on one track and the responsibility for aural cohesion passed to one of his collaborators. 
My kudos to Simon & to the String Theories collective for what has become the second physical product that weareallghosts has put out, a release I am proud to back. 

This, the second proper physical release from weareallghosts, features artwork by Sheleah Nahshon in a beautiful digipack created by Brin Coleman (aka Bing Satellites) for

The CD is currently on pre-order over on our Bandcamp page. If you buy it now you will get 2 tracks immediately (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more) and will receive the complete album the moment it's released on 21st August, 2015;

CDs are priced at £8 + postage and packing with the download (without CD) priced at £6 ... weareallghosts has 75 CDs for sale via our Bandcamp page with the remaining 25 with Simon for local sale in Australia and to pass to the artists who contributed to the making of the album.

CDs will start shipping on or around 22 August 2015.

Presenting ... Dronescape 028 (waag_drs028) by Cousin Silas

Sometimes life just doesn’t go to plan: People you hold in high regard let you down, risks you take don’t pay off and end up costing you dear, and that great idea that you had turns out to be anything but; you know what I mean.

When life gets like that I try to retreat, refocus, and restart; and I greatly appreciate music that helps me do that.

The twenty-eighth dronescape from Cousin Silas is one such piece of music and, to be honest, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Its rich, pastoral theme and deeply intoxicating waves of melody have me enthralled. This is music for recuperation and relaxation, music that helps with the reinterpretation of our plans.

Take some time out today … 73 minutes to be exact … and regroup.

A 320kbps version of this release will be available on Archive for free with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’ which does include ‘free’. If you decide to download this dronescape for free, and you can with our best wishes, then all we ask is that you please tell people about it.



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