Sunday, June 28, 2020

Presenting ... "Emporium Sampler (waag_EMP001)" by Cousin Silas

One of my main motivations, when I first talked about setting up weareallghosts, was to bring all the music of Cousin Silas under one roof or, at the very least, give a home to a good, sizeable chunk of it ... I felt Silas deserved some stability.

All these years later and Cousin Silas is finally bringing all his music, well most of his music, under one roof: his own. And, in doing so, remastering then rereleasing some of his seminal works with additional bonus tracks to enjoy.

The reasons for him doing so are varied: we've lost Candy and the future of her netlabel is uncertain ... there is also the desire to refresh the work (with my other hat on, I've been involved ... creating new album covers and seeking to build a unique visual identity for him) ... and a real desire to bring all his albums back together, all bar the ones on waag.

As such, the "Emporium Sampler" is quite simply that: a sampler of the music on Cousin Silas' netlabel ... it is an introduction to his non-waag music in the off-chance that you may not have heard it before now and wish to expand your collection.

I hope you enjoy the music on offer and take some time to explore the music Cousin Silas' has to offer over on his Bandcamp page:

This album will not be available on Archive.


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Presenting ... Tales of Space Exploration 43​-​50 (waag_rel139) by Brother Saturn

 It's been a while ... more than four years since the last instalment in the "Tales of Space Exploration" series from Brother Saturn aka Drew Miller ... and in that time Drew has grown as a musician and as a person.

We have heard from Drew in the intervening time ... "Unstable Lands (waag_rel087)", "Apollo, can you hear me? (waag_rel104)", and "Music for Sleep (waag_rel130)" ... but there has always been a desire, at least for me, to revisit the familiar themes of travel, desolation, home and of loneliness; the themes the "Tales of ..." series so eloquently describe.

I am so glad that the series continues ... and hope you are too?

I am delighted to welcome Mason Van Kraayenburg who contributes to the track "Night Owls & Hummingbirds" and gives us all the feels with his guitar playing ... it is a collaboration that shows a new level of maturity from Miller, one that I welcome with open arms.

I also welcome Adam Howie's artwork and am so grateful that he agreed to work with us again ... it just wouldn't be the same without his masterful illustration gracing the cover of the latest "Tales of ..." release. His piece - "The Unknown Meaning of the Journey" is available to purchase and I would heartily encourage you to support Howie's art. Go here > < for more information.

A 320kbps version of this release will be available, for free, over on Archive with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’.

- Thomas