Sunday, January 27, 2013

Presenting... "Gilded Skies (waag_rel014a)" and "Gilded Sky (waag_rel014b)" by Jack Hertz

Jack Hertz is a netlabel hero. His music, particularly for Free Floating, is first class and exemplary of the ambient genre. I was honoured when he approached me with a forerunner to what you have here. I was blown away by the music he offered me and, to be honest, still am.

wearenotghosts, as a netlabel, is all about the music and not about personalities. That said, it has some truly wonderful personalities within its ranks who make my life so much richer. I am delighted to add Hertz to this every-expanding list.

He is a great guy with a real heart for the ambient netlabel community and I consider it a privilege to release both "Gilded Skies (waag_rel014a)" (above) and the longform "Gilded Sky (waag_rel014b)" (below). I am very proud of the music on weareallghosts and I know these releases from Hertz will stand tall with what is a rapidly growing body of work.

As always, an mp3 version will be available on Archive - waag_rel014a and waag_rel014b - for free with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for 'Pay What You Want' (see links in embedded players).


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coming Soon: two releases from Jack Hertz

On Monday, we will release two recordings from Jack Hertz - entitled "Gilded Skies (waag_rel014a)" and "Gilded Sky (waag_rel014b)".

"Gilded Skies (waag_rel014a)" features the most delightful ambient electronic soundscapes over eight individual tracks.

"Gilded Sky (waag_rel014b)", on the other hand, is a single long-form drone that is in keeping with the mood set in "Gilded Skies".

Have a wee listen below:

Presenting... Dronescape 001 (waag_drs001) by Cousin Silas

It is always good to try something new and "dronescape 001 (waag_drs001)" is very much 'a new thing' for two reasons:

First off, it is Cousin Silas' first real attempt at a really longform ambient drone ... and

Secondly, it marks the beginning of a new series for weareallghosts - the 'dronescape' series that is specifically designed for longform ambient drones of, or around, the 60 minute mark.

I love longform drones and I know you do too from your warm reception of the work of Earlyguard and Mystified ... and I look forward to bringing more of these pieces to you. I also love Cousin Silas' music and am grateful to him for giving longform a go ... I hope you will agree with me when I say this is one more feather in his cap ... an achievement that demonstrates how good an ambient musician he is.

Cousin Silas has signed up to do 12 this year ... and I am very excited about that. If the rest are as good as this ... I think we'll be onto a winner.

I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do.

An mp3 version is available for free over on ... or you can grab a copy from Bandcamp via the player below for 'pay what you want' and that includes 'nothing'.