Friday, February 9, 2024

Presenting ... Dronescape 050 (waag_drs050) by Cousin Silas

It is a bittersweet moment for today marks the release of the 50th and last dronescape from Cousin Silas.

And, as always, it is a fitting addition to his dronescape collection and the weareallghost canon.

But it is the last of the series.

We released the first one in January, 2013 ... and I have been guilty of eeeking them out, trying to make the last ... 049 was released a year ago in February, 2023.

And so, an 11-year series comes to an end ... and I am both delighted and gutted:

Delighted because Cousin Silas took an idea I proposed to him and made happen ... and that idea, to take longform ambient and make it “Silasy”, has been so well received throughout the eleven years that the series has been going. For some, the Dronescapes ARE their viewpoint of Cousin Silas’ music and that delights me because I make no secret of being a huge fan myself.

Gutted because we’ve reached the end of the road with the Dronescape series ... there was only ever going to be fifty.

But what a way to finish the series and what a series that we have been given!

Dronescape 050 is a wonderfully brooding affair ... one that feels like the soundscape to the exploration of a far-off world. It is a track alive with possibility that fills me, as the listener, with anticipation as I take each imagined step.

This is one for the imagination ... it isn’t really a track that can be passively consumed, rather it is to be enjoyed in all its otherworldly glory.

I have said it before and will say it again ... I really do hope you find enjoyment in this piece. This is because I do. From the first listen, I found this piece to be deliciously engaging ... it is one for the headphones and maybe one too many coffees.

Who knows what will come next ... Cousin Silas has hinted of something new in the skunkworks.

I cannot wait for what is to come but, for now, I am content with this and the other forty nine Dronescapes ... and marvel at the 60-plus hours of longform ambient music that Cousin Silas has produced.

Please Note:
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