Saturday, August 31, 2013

Presenting ... "Sunset at the Yacht Club (waag_rel028)" by Clutter

Dreams do come true.

I am releasing an EP from one of my musical heroes: Shaun Blezard … the founder of Earth Monkey Productions, maker of musical malarkey under the Clutter alias, and vicious 'Words with Friends' player.

It was Shaun who introduced me to the concept of the netlabel with his seminal netlabel 'Earth Monkey Productions'. Some of the music on there is still on my iPod five years after the label went on indefinite hiatus … including a number of pieces by weareallghosts stalwart Cousin Silas.

It was on Shaun's label that Cousin Silas released the first two  of his 'Ballard Landscapes' series (emp007 and emp030, if memory serves), for example.

In fact, it was to EMP that I looked when I thought of starting weareallghosts … and it is to his legacy that I compare this humble endeavour.

To consider, therefore, that I am able to release an EP of his on waag is a dream come true … the circle is now complete, so to speak … and what an EP it is. I have caught myself wondering what I was listening to when listening to the preview copy … then experiencing a mixture of shock and pleasure when I realise it was an EP destined for my wee label.

Shaun has done me proud with soundscapes that are an utter delight. I hope you enjoy what is presented as much as I do!

As before, an MP3 version of this album will be available for free on Archive with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for “pay what you want”. If you do decide to download the album for free then please tell your friends about Shaun’s music and this wee netlabel.

- Tx


Original material was provided by:
Frank Schultz
Scott Burland
Bill Brovold

Twitter:  @cluttermusic

Duet For Theremin & Lap Steel
Twitter: @duetonline


Monday, August 26, 2013

Presenting ... "Seconds (waag_rel027)" by Kevin Lyons

As I write these liner notes, I reflect on the weekend that I have just had ... a weekend of music ... a weekend of cementing social media friendships with physical bonds ... a weekend where I got to meet in the flesh for the first time, so to speak, three chaps that I greatly admire: the musician - Dave Hughes aka Cousin Silas; the painter - Ade Hodges; and the focus of these notes - musician Kevin Lyons.

Believe it or not but Dave and Kevin are the only musicians on weareallghosts that I have actually met in the flesh ... and I only met them a couple of days ago. Its crazy to think this but at the same time in today’s always-connected age it makes perfect sense.

In all my conversations with Kevin over the weekend ... on such topics as role of “the ancient” as filler on “Tales of Topographic Oceans” or the genius of Hayao Miyazaki ... I was struck by how genuinely nice Kevin was. He holds a wealth of information, predominately about films and progressive music, within his Mekon-like noggin. This conversation helped me form the context for “Seconds (waag_rel027)” ... his second release on weareallghosts.

His style of electronic music is broadly ambient and is flavoured by his obsessions with weird fiction, progressive music (especially the Berlin School) and modern sci-fi cinema. All these ingredients come together to form a heady mix of eery darker ambient soundscapes and lighter, more progressive tracks that tell their own individual stories of moments long gone as well as those still to come.

I hope you will enjoy this album as much as I do. I find Kevin’s music to be very visual and take great pleasure in letting my mind wander through the landscapes he paints with sound. It was a pleasure to meet him and it gives me great delight to support and encourage his musical endeavours through weareallghosts.

As before, an MP3 version of this album will be available for free on Archive with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for “pay what you want”. If you do decide to download the album for free then please tell your friends about Kevin’s music and this wee netlabel.

- Tx

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Presenting ... "Dronescape 009 (waag_drs009)" from Cousin Silas

On the 8th instalment of the Dronescape series, Brian Bourassa said this ...
"If your a "Dronie," then Cousin Silas's Drone series should be topping your list. I'd invite you to follow the progression from "Dronescape 001 through Dronescape 008" and beyond."
I couldn't have put it better myself! Thanks Brian.

For the 9th Dronescape ... Cousin Silas has really pulled out all the stops ... creating an utterly engaging longform piece that is exceptionally expansive and filled with ridiculously generous amounts of both grace and light.

I really love this drone ... I love the tone of this piece ... the atmosphere ... the sense of peace it leaves with me long after it is finished. I love the subtle harmonics that twinkle like stars.

I am very proud to release this drone on weareallghosts ... and thank everyone who supports both Cousin Silas and myself in this endeavour.

As before, a MP3 version will be available on Archive for free with a lossless version available here on Bandcamp for 'Pay What You Want' … which does include free. All we would ask is that if you grab it for free then tell everyone you know about the release and the man behind it.


- Thomas