Sunday, May 19, 2013

Presenting... "Silence in the House of God (waag_rel023)" by Coloured Lines

Adam Greenhead aka Coloured Lines is a musician and educator who lives in the North of England. He plays bass in an energetic folky rock band called Sawsound and is a founding member of the New Underground Collective ... a diverse group of creatives that includes another waag alumnus - Wolfgang Merx.

I have thoroughly enjoyed his previous self-released music and have a soft spot for his band's music too ... so you can appreciate, I jumped at the chance to release this EP when it was offered to me.

The EP features four wonderfully crafted tracks which are unashamedly electronic in nature, vibrantly coherent in expression, and delightfully downtempo in their presentation.

Greenhead's music fits nicely alongside Apta and Ketsa ... and is a welcomed addition to waag's roster.

As before, a MP3 copy will be available on Archive for free with a lossless copy available for 'pay what you want' on Bandcamp. Please do what you can to support independent music in every way you can.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Presenting ... "Dronescape 006 (waag_drs006)" by Cousin Silas

Is it just me or do these drones get better with each instalment? Cousin Silas continues to astound me with this - his 6th dronescape for weareallghosts.

His ability to engage the listener in a fully immersive sonic environment truly amazes me. I have all his dronescapes on my iPhone and have been known to move from one to another when I am in need of extended periods concentration and/or escape.

As before, an MP3 version of this dronescape will be available on Archive for free … with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for 'pay what you want'. Have a wee listen below ... if you do decide to download this album for free then all we ask in return is that you tell your friends, tweet a link or post it on Facebook, write a review and spread the word.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Presenting ... Opal Sun (waag_rel022) by William Spivey

"Most of my sounds are created on a Mac using, at present, Metasynth with Architect. My work stems from experimenting with an emphasis on originality. I'm fascinated with harmonic interplay, rhythmic content & abstract sequencing. 
With 'Opal Sun' I originally intended to do a more low-key longform series; something that unfolded slower than more recent collaborations & to maintain the same general mood throughout. As usual the pieces took on a life of their own. 
While working on this in January I became aware of WAAG & it's broad spectrum of sound artists. I'm honoured to have WAAG as a home for this solo excursion!"

- William

"Opal Sun (waag_rel022) by William Spivey is my kind of ambient electronic music. It is deeply immersive and engaging … ensnaring me from the first listen. I find it particularly endearing first thing in the morning or late at night … it complements stillness very, very well.  
I am proud that William has found a home with weareallghosts. He is a talented musician and I look forward to releasing more of his solo work in the future."

- Thomas

As before … an MP3 version of this album will be available for free on Archive with a lossless version available for 'pay what you want' on Bandcamp. Have a wee listen below ... and do what you can to support truly independent music.