Friday, March 1, 2024

Presenting ... Old Stones (waag_rel157) by Cousin Silas

“Old Stones (waag_rel157)” by Cousin Silas is an album of immense beauty that is inspired by the old stones of Scotland and the myths and legends that surround them.

The album consists of two longform tracks that have an ethereal magic about them:

The first track, “Sunrise on Clach an Trushal”, captures that liminal period between what was and what is to become ... it conveys this misty twilight otherworldliness in a manner that enthralled and captivated me when I first listened to it.

The second track, “Sunset on Tomnaverie”, whilst also capturing a period of change, is a more measured piece of ambient brilliance ... it so eloquently articulates a day that is nearly over with the anticipation of period of rest.

Within both tracks Cousin Silas has sought to bring forward sonic elements inspired by old stones: the suggestion of Celtic vocals in “Sunrise ...” and gentle strings and vocals in “Sunset ...” and does so with grace and ease ... nothing feels forced, everything is as it should be.

And that is this album in a nutshell: everything is as it should be ... especially Cousin Silas who is back at WAAG, his second home.

I am honoured to release “Old Stones (waag_rel157)” by Cousin Silas and hope you find the joy I have found in escaping the here and now for places of immense, awe-inspiring beauty.

- Thomas