Friday, April 5, 2024

Presenting ... My Tribute to Jeanne (waag_rel158)

There are those among us who show what giving is. Jeanne gave of her heart, mind, and spirit. I am forever grateful.
- Allen Pitts

"My Tribute to Jeanne (waag_rel158)" is a reflective EP that allows Allen Pitts to document his feelings towards his dear friend and provide some sense of closure after her untimely passing. It is a very personal recording for Allen and one I am proud to share here on weareallghosts.

The opening track “Into The Light” is a melodic synth and piano piece ... a gentle, introspective number that delights me as a listener with its warmth.

We then move to the irresistibly titled “Jeanne's Jam” with its infectious instrumentation and catchy rhythm that had me thinking of the title to “Thirty-something” (a soundtrack I love and listen to regularly). The guitar on this piece is so wonderfully upbeat and, dare I say it, jolly ... it is a joyful recollection of Jeanne and all the good times that Allen has simply jamming away with her.

“Free” moves in another direction altogether from the joyful upbeat to a more reflective, almost sacred, synth-driven otherworldliness that gives way to melancholic piano before a rhythm section bursts in to ground the piece. You can almost sense Jeanne going ... “what’s this, Allen? I want upbeat!” ... and Allen delivers whilst still retaining a sense of his sadness in her passing. It is a longer, more complex track but one that has a sense of freedom to it ... a celebratory track for a life well lived.

The EP then ends with “Signs and Wonders” with its gentle synths and melancholic piano before more vibrant rhythms burst forth to ground the piece. This is a fitting end to the EP with its passionate playing and inventive soundscaping ... it leaves you wanting more.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

- Thomas