Friday, May 17, 2024

Presenting ... Spring Chimes (waag_159) by Fabio Keiner


Spring is finally here in Scotland ... the May blossom has come and gone, leaving pink and white confetti in the streets ... and the sun doesn’t set until after 9pm.

With this in mind I present the latest release from Fabio Keiner, “Spring Chimes (waag_rel159) ... a four-part ep that brings to mind the intoxicating sound of wind chimes swaying and making their music in the wind.

The short opening track, “Morning Chimes”, captures the scattered random nature of chimes ... an entrancing sound that distills the nature of chimes.

We then have “Spring Chimes I” ... a truly entrancing longform ambient track that presents a soundscape of ethereal beauty and otherworldliness where musical notes dance off on the horizon.

The penultimate track, “Storm Warning”, has a mysterious Lovecraftian air about it ... there is a sense of cyclopian vistas and being in places that have not been visited in aeons ... think Dyer and Danforth in Kadath in the Cold Waste. It is utterly intoxicating.

The last track, “Spring Chimes II”, is another longer-form piece, this time with an atmospheric feel that is very much in keeping with “Storm Warning”.

All in, I really enjoyed this ep from Fabio Keiner and hope you will too.

- Thomas