Saturday, May 4, 2013

Presenting ... Opal Sun (waag_rel022) by William Spivey

"Most of my sounds are created on a Mac using, at present, Metasynth with Architect. My work stems from experimenting with an emphasis on originality. I'm fascinated with harmonic interplay, rhythmic content & abstract sequencing. 
With 'Opal Sun' I originally intended to do a more low-key longform series; something that unfolded slower than more recent collaborations & to maintain the same general mood throughout. As usual the pieces took on a life of their own. 
While working on this in January I became aware of WAAG & it's broad spectrum of sound artists. I'm honoured to have WAAG as a home for this solo excursion!"

- William

"Opal Sun (waag_rel022) by William Spivey is my kind of ambient electronic music. It is deeply immersive and engaging … ensnaring me from the first listen. I find it particularly endearing first thing in the morning or late at night … it complements stillness very, very well.  
I am proud that William has found a home with weareallghosts. He is a talented musician and I look forward to releasing more of his solo work in the future."

- Thomas

As before … an MP3 version of this album will be available for free on Archive with a lossless version available for 'pay what you want' on Bandcamp. Have a wee listen below ... and do what you can to support truly independent music.

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