Monday, September 17, 2012

some videos featuring Cousin Silas' music

My friend Adam Howie is an inspirational artist. He likes to record his creative process and put it up on the interwebs for others to see. His most recent video contains zombies and features a track off Cousin Silas' recent album "Unhinged Constellations (waag_rel005)". I found it fascinating viewing.

Madame Papillon is a very prolific videographer who has put some beautiful images to some of Cousin Silas' music.

Both Cousin Silas and I are very grateful to her for her work... so much so... there is a track dedicated to her on the upcoming "Endless Summer EP (waag_rel008)".

Her YouTube channel is a source of wonder and well worth getting lost in for an hour or two. She has taste and I am grateful that she chose to feature Cousin Silas' work.


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