Monday, September 17, 2012

Coming soon on weareallghosts

I really can't express how excited I am for my wee netlabel over the next few months... but I'll try.

First up... we have a really beautiful longform ambient drone from Earlyguard. "Stigma (waag_rel006)" is planned to drop on Monday, 24th September.

Next up we have another EP from Apta entitled "Visions (waag_rel007)". It is Apta at his usual wonderfully effervescent... and will be with you in Mid October.

Lastly... we have an utterly delightful EP from Cousin Silas. "Endless Summer (waag_rel008)" is a collection of tracks that really speak to me and I am eager to get this out ASAP for everyone to hear. If you loved his two solo albums for weareallghosts then you'll love this! Release date is still to be confirmed but I'd hope to get it out in early / mid November. It's too good to keep to myself.

There are a couple more releases that I hope to release before 2012 is over... one from Gurdonark and a follow up from Wolfgang Merx.

It blows my mind to think this wee netlabel will have 10 releases under it's belt before the year is out... and my thanks goes to all the artists who have contributed their art. My thanks goes to you all for listening too. It is appreciated.


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