Friday, December 15, 2023

Presenting ... Beyond Horizon (waag_rrl016) by Fabio Keiner

Fabio Keiner is a patient man. He first broached the idea of rereleasing “Beyond Horizon” a number of months ago and, with this and that, it is only now that I can proudly present to you his wonderfully gentle and intriguing opus.

“Beyond Horizon” features six disparate tracks that somehow make a cohesive whole ... these tracks are the kind of “space music” that got me into ambient music all those years ago. The kind of gentle, unhurried ambient music that feels vast and spacious ... music that paints vivid pictures in your mind of open spaces of the cyclopean kind that Lovecraft regularly spoke of.

I hope you enjoy this piece from Fabio as much as I do ... and, with any luck, we may hear more from him in the future.

Grazie mille Fabio!

- Thomas

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