Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coming in December... "Impermanence (waag_rel011)" by Ketsa

I couldn't hold onto this any longer... I mentioned this release on Thursday over on my other blog... but wanted to mention it here too. The mighty Ketsa is joining weareallghosts with a superfine selection of smooth Eastern-flavoured electronic beats entitled "Impermanence".

Seriously, this album rocks and I thought it fitting to give him a superfine cover... trust me, the music warrants it.

weareallghosts is just getting stronger and stronger with each release... I am so excited for releases 7 through 11... all have might in their own ways and my thanks go to each artist for entrusting me with their music.

Next up... is Apta's second EP entitled "Visions (waag_rel007)". It will drop 'officially' on Monday but may be up on Archive and Bandcamp sooner than that... I get productive when my family are watching X-Factor.

Until then... stay curious.


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