Sunday, October 14, 2012

Presenting... 'Visions (waag_rel007)' by Apta

The seventh release on weareallghosts is now live. Apta has graced us with 7 tracks of the most effortlessly effervescent electronic music... and I, for one, am hooked... and have been since I heard the demos a wee while back.

Here's what I had to say about 'Visions (waag_rel007):
What can I say about Apta's music without slipping into my usually over-wrought verbosity? Simply put… I love Apta's music and was bowled over when he gave me the demos for 'Visions'. I was and am very impressed with his foresight and imagination. That said… I was even more impressed with his ability to make his vision reality… making some super-tasty sounds with some fab kit (I checked with one of my music nerd friends… because I'm clueless when it comes to kit… he was impressed). I am proud to release this EP on my wee netlabel. It has been a dear friend to me ever since it appeared in my DropBox and I hope you will come to cherish it as much as I do. This is truly bleeding-edge independent music and I, for one, will do all I can to support such talent.
And here's what Apta had to say:
Compared to 'Algorithms', This collection uses a lot more analogue synthesis both melodically and rhythmically. My intention was to juxtapose the warm (albeit sonically overbearing) nature of analogue equipment with my enjoyment of the smooth and malleable nature of digital instruments and effects. Throughout this collection there are a lot of minute sonic artifacts, both intentional and unintentional. Those that made it through to the final cut are there for a reason, because they are a sign of the recording process. I don't think that (with a few exceptions) albums benefit from being too clinically produced, or that things should ever be cut out because they sound 'too real'. I recorded this at home, on a computer, with microphones, boxes that have knobs on them and with a mess of leads at my feet. There is no reason to pretend otherwise. Again, this is all part of a learning process, and a part I am very happy with. I just hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy making it. Thanks for all the support.
'Visions (waag_rel007)' is available in mp3 format for free on Archive (link) on in lossless or less over on our Bandcamp page for 'pay what you want' (link).

I have embedded the Bandcamp player below to let you sample it... enjoy it and please do what you can to support truly independent music. All profits will go directly to Apta.


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