Saturday, April 14, 2012

weareallghosts is now on bandcamp

After some discussion and a bit of tooing and froing... I've decided to open a Bandcamp account. I've done this for three reasons:

1) It's the best distribution channel for music downloads... bar none... and allows the listener to download any format they wish... with the minimum format 320kbps.

2) It's a great way to expand our reach from this blog, word-of-mouth (including Twitter) and our presence on Archive.

3) It allows for embeddable streaming. The Archive player got too many complaints, to be honest.

I've embedded the player below... have a listen... and if you haven't downloaded "The Path Between The Trees" or wish a lossless format then please download.

Oh and whilst the album is available to download for free... if you wish to throw us a few pounds to help with the costs etc, please feel free. All profits will go to Cousin Silas in the vain attempt we can offset his musical instrument addiction.


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