Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some thoughts on waag_rel001 from Tim Rowe aka @innervox

I wanted to share this email I received from Tim Rowe aka @innervox ...

Having recently been exposing myself to an overdose of Drone and long-form music in general, it was a refreshing experience to hear these varied tracks from Cousin Silas.

If I were to sum up the whole album in one word it would be "Atmosphere." Each track manages to convey a sense of this in a most unique way.

I was also impressed with the variety in what could be called the style of each track. With some ambient (or similar) music it is easy to allow it to "bland out" and, whilst this can be OK if one is using the music as a background for, say, meditation - it is not always inspiring. :)

This has been written after only a few days brief exposure to the album, but I am looking forward to letting it soak in more fully.
I really appreciate encouragement like this... and am grateful to Tim for sending it over. Delighted he is connecting with the music.


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