Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming soon... waag_rel001 aka "The Path Between The Trees"

waag_rel001 :: "The Path Between The Trees" :: Cousin Silas

I am proud to present the artwork for the first release on weareallghosts... and, more importantly, announce who it's by.

I have been a fan of Cousin Silas for a number of years... ever since I discovered his Ballard Landscapes on Shaun Blezard's mighty Earth Monkey Productions netlabel. Over the years our friendship has developed and I've been very fortunate to design the artwork for a number of his more recent releases. I love his music and felt it the natural next-step to develop a vehicle to release some of his music.

I need to finalise a few things and get the tracks up into which I hope to do this week whilst I am off... but I was eager to spill the beans and share with everyone who have been so kind and encouraging in this endeavour.

The album will be released for free and it marks an evolution in Cousin Silas' sound. I won't say any more than that... other that to calm fears he's gone all dubstep... he hasn't.

I hope you will enjoy this release as much as I have over the last month. I am very impressed and am not just saying that because he's a friend and he's releasing this album on my netlabel... it is very good, in my humble opinion, and I can't wait to share it.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support. Please spread the word.



  1. Feel like I'm at an award ceremony, but I'd like to thank you for a truly beautiful cover, and obviously I'm honoured to be the first on the label. I only hope that a few other people will share your enthusiasm for the album.

  2. Excellent, Thomas. Very nice artwork, and I'm looking forward to the music.

  3. Well done, Thomas. Looking forward to this.