Thursday, April 5, 2012

The wait is over... presenting "The Path Between The Trees"

The wait is over and I am delighted to present "The Path Between The Trees" by Cousin Silas... the inaugural release on weareallghosts.

On this release... Cousin Silas has created a series of soundscapes that feed the soul and inspire the heart with their warmth and vitality. For me, I think you can hear the real progression of an artist at the top of their game... the classic "Ballardian" ambient soundscapes are represented here but there is more... an expansion of his sound... an evolution into new areas that I just find fascinating and absolutely love. I hope you will too.

Kudos to Cousin Silas for help make this dream come true... and my sincere thanks to everyone who has followed the journey.

To download directly (320kbps mp3) please use this link or go to



  1. Enjoying listening to it at the moment in my study. Thank you to Cousin Silas and Thomas for generously making this available. I wish you well with this and future ventures.

  2. Congratulations and thanks for making this available. Really enjoying it so far.

  3. Nice one. Particularly like Rediscovered.

  4. Excellent music here! I'll be looking forward to future releases from Cousin Silas and We Are All Ghosts!