Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming soon... waag_rel002 aka "the devil came to me" by Rebekkah's Cousin Silas

It gives me great pleasure to present the artwork for our next release on we are all ghosts and provide some details on it.

Our next release... waag_rel002... is entitled "the devil came to me" and it is the culmination of some serious effort from Rebekkah's Cousin Silas... a new partnership between ambient musician Cousin Silas and poet & soprano Rebekkah Hilgraves... a partnership that when I heard it I knew I had to have it on my wee fledgling label.

I'll post more details in due course but the planned drop date is a week today :: Monday, 7th May... which, by the way, coincides with Cousin Silas' birthday.


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