Sunday, July 15, 2012

A review of The Path Between The Trees from Damian O'Keeffe

"I'll be honest, it has taken me a little time to really get to grips with this release. Not because it isn't any good; on the contrary, it is very good. More because I wasn't quite sure what it was! .../

...The sense is of someone collecting all of the key tropes of this genre, putting them in a foil-lined sack to keep them fresh, and shaking them up! As they tumble back out, forming new and interesting patterns, the beauty and scope of the work begins to emerge. .../

...I'll be honest, it took a little time to get to know Cousin Silas but now he is like a member of the family."

My dear friend Damian O'Keeffe recently reviewed The Path Between The Trees over on his blog and his kind words really made my day.

Thanks mate... I'm glad you are enjoying Cousin Silas' work and hope you'll enjoy his next album... due to drop on the 19th August.


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