Sunday, November 18, 2012

Presenting... "Open Spaces (waag_rel009)" by Gurdonark

I consider it an honour and a privilege to call Gurdonark a friend. He has wonderfully alternative view on life that i find inspiring. He’s not a hippie or anything ... he just isn't consumed with consumer things ... he is all about open source, community, creative commons and sharing ... in fact, it is what he gives ... what he brings to the table ... that inspires me more. He is a wise sage in a post-modern world ... a photomystic who chases ’feel’ rather than mega-pixels ... someone who equally at home in the outdoors spotting birds or in his ’space’ creating lullabies in the key of now.

I am so proud to present “Open Spaces (waag_rel009)” ... a short collection of said lullabies. Music that is deliciously quirky but undeniably catchy ... music that packs so much in 23 minutes but still retains an air of elegant minimalism.

Unfortunately my two daughters are now in double figures ... so I can’t test the release’s lullaby quotient on them ... but it works for me so I can only surmise that it would have worked for them too: somatic soundscapes for busy days.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

An mp3 version is available for free on Archive ... with a lossless version available for ’pay what you want’ over at Bandcamp. Gurdonark has kindly agreed to help fund waag’s SoundCloud account ... so any profits from monies raised will go straight there.


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