Saturday, May 3, 2014

Presenting ... "Dronescape 018 (waag_drs018)" by Cousin Silas

George Carlin once said ...
"Have you ever started a path? No one seems willing to do this. We don't mind using existing paths, but we rarely start new ones. Do it today. Start a path. Even if it doesn't lead anywhere."
This saying resonates with me for a number of reasons, too many in fact for here & now. What I will say, however, is how much I respect Cousin Silas' Dronescape project and how, in creating his own path, he’s created something that a lot of people have gained pleasure from.

He's a humble wee imp that Silas chappy, he'd be happy with one or two folks getting it. He considers the number of people who download & listen, AND support this project amazing for him ... it certainly amazes me.

I am grateful to Cousin Silas for providing us with this backing to our path making, whatever that path maybe, wherever that path may go. Dronescape 018 is a beautiful piece of music ... it lifts the heart and lightens the mood. I found 018 to be very relaxing and deeply meditative. It is the soundtrack to a spiritual journey, a path each individual decides to take to a destination only they know where.

I hope you will enjoy this dronescape as much as I do.

An MP3 version of this album is available for free on Archive or a lossless version available on Bandcamp for 'pay what you want' which does include £0 ... ... and remember, paying supporters on Bandcamp also get unlimited mobile access to the album using the free Bandcamp listening app.

We are currently finalising the production of our first physical Cousin Silas release ... we have most of the cash required for 'The Sound of Silas'.

'The Sound of Silas' will be a double CD, limited to 100 copies, and will feature a range of music from Cousin Silas including an exclusive mini-dronescape and some remastered 'classic' tracks on one disc and tracks from his recent 'all guitar' project on the other. Any funds raised by 018 will go towards this.

If you do decide to download this album for free then all we ask in return is that you tell your friends, tweet a link or post it on Facebook, write a review and spread the word.

We will post more information regarding 'The Sound of Silas' in due course but for now ... enjoy 018.

- Tx

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