Sunday, March 7, 2021

Presenting ... Resonant Arcana (waag_rel147) by Er Go

"Resonant Arcana (waag_rel147)" blurs lines between ambient, neoclassical, experimental electronic, and shifts effortlessly between them ... it explores a pensive and melancholic sound-world that balances orchestral instrumentation, dynamic synthesisers, and esoteric audio manipulation ... and differs from my first album with a darker tone and wider sonic palette. "Resonant Arcana (waag_rel147)" retains the same emphasis on harmonic and textural richness as "Into Air (waag_rel134)", and keeps a restrained melodic sensibility within its ambient leanings ... all seven tracks ebb and flow between movement & stasis, curiosity & contemplation, tension & calm.
- Eric Goldberg aka Er Go

I am proud to present "Resonant Arcana (waag_rel147)" by Eric Goldberg aka Er Go. I was, and am, a big fan of "Into Air (waag_rel134)" and welcome any addition to his canon ... I am particularly taken with this album and look to it as a peer to fabulous work we've seen recently from George L Smyth. I also think of recent work Cousin Silas has released in collaboration with James Lowe and am really buoyed by these kind of soundscapes: pastoral and elegant with an expansive richness, a harmonic and textural richness as Eric says, grounded with an undercurrent of melancholia.

As before, a 320kbps version of this release will be available, for free, over on Archive with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’.
- Thomas

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