Sunday, March 28, 2021

Presenting ... Cousin Silas & Friends volume 8 part 5 (waag_rel148)


At the start of British Summer Time, we are grateful for the lighter nights ... we have hope in the UK for the future and, as vaccinations continue, we see light at the end of the tunnel ... we'll soon be out of this period of darkness.

And it is in this environment, that Cousin Silas brings the fifth part of his " ... and friends, volume eight", a wonderful mix of delightfully gentle ambience ("Bondservant Ballad" by Cousin Silas & Sergio Mariani or "Interplanetary Drift In Front Of Starfield" by Cousin Silas & Ian Craig); atmospheric ambient soundscapes ("The Birth Of Orpheus" by Cousin Silas & Pete Swinton, "Deep Space" by Cousin Silas & I.v. Martinez, and "Bones Left Bare" by Cousin Silas & Allen Pitts); engaging electronica ("Goodbye Planet Earth" by Cousin Silas & Brian M Talgo or "Intercontinental Guitar Tango" by Cousin Silas & Adam Steinberg); and the vibrant and quirky ("Another Black Cat In The Boatyard" by Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones or "Jetsam" by Cousin Silas & Glenn Sogge);

I've said it before but this volume really does get better and better. 

As with the previous parts, there is just so much beauty on this album and I, for one, think our world needs this right now. 

- Thomas 

PS ... Volume 8 in all its parts will be "pay what you want" ... I would rather you download this album for free and pay it forward by using the money you may have spent to donate to a charity doing something positive in these strange days. 

I also want this album to be accessible to folks who may have financial concerns as a result of the pandemic ... please take the album for free and may it be a help and blessing to you in these uncertain times. 



01. Cousin Silas & Sergio Mariani - Bondservant Ballad 07:53

02. Cousin Silas & Brian M Talgo - Goodbye Planet Earth 05:01

03. Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones - Another Black Cat In The Boatyard 06:18

04. Cousin Silas & Adam Steinberg - Intercontinental Guitar Tango 08:28

05. Cousin Silas & Glenn Sogge - Jetsam 10:22

06. Cousin Silas & Pete Swinton - The Birth Of Orpheus 03:48

07. Cousin Silas & I.v. Martinez - Deep Space 20:33

08. Cousin Silas & Allen Pitts - Bones Left Bare 04:26

09. Cousin Silas & Ian Craig - Interplanetary Drift In Front Of Starfield 08:55


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