Saturday, January 2, 2016

Presenting ... LOOKING BACK moving forward VOL.001

LOOKING BACK moving forward VOL.001 features new music from Cousin Silas, Kevin Lyons, David Gerard, and Brother Saturn; tracks that will either appear on new releases in 2016 or are exclusive to this compilation.

As with last year’s compilation, there will be a small charge for the music featured during the month of January. All proceeds will be donated to HOSPICE UK, a charity based in the UK that supports the development of hospice care in the UK and internationally.

weareallghosts is my main side-project and something I do for the love of it. My main employment is as a Senior Business Analyst in Glasgow, Scotland; my employer actively and generously supports HOSPICE UK and doubles any donation made by her staff - by paying for this album (22p per track) we will hopefully be able to raise some money for a really great cause and give a little good back into the world.

The album will not be available on Archive although you will be able to stream it on Soundcloud.

My sincere thanks to everyone who released their music on weareallghosts in 2015 … and to Cousin Silas and Kevin Lyons for helping me choose the tracks featured.

Here’s to 2016 … we will feature some new names along with all the old favourites this year. I hope you enjoy what’s to come as much as I do!




01. Cousin Silas - Berlin Evenings (edit) 06:11
02. Cousin Silas - Dronescape 028 edit with guitar 20:16
03. David Gerard - Hypnotique 18:14
04. Symatic Star & String Theories - Compressionism (Symatic Star & Stephen Briggs) 11:32
05. Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons - The Desolation 11:14
06. Kevin Lyons - Learning to Let Go 07:24
07. Cousin Silas - Dronescape 002 edit with guitar 04:28
08. Symatic Star & String Theories - Yearning (Symatic Star & Cousin Silas) 09:19
09. Brother Saturn - Beacons 14:14
10. Cousin Silas - Returning to Dust (January 1974) 07:13
11. Matthew VandeBrook - Metempsychosis 04:20
12. Cousin Silas - Tim Jones - Kevin Lyons - Narcoleptic Summer 05:24
13. Cousin Silas - Dronescape 030 edit with guitar 11:26
14. Cousin Silas - Further East 07:22
15. Brother Saturn - Snowdrift 04:14
16. Scott Lawlor and The Gateless Gate - Lemurian Shores- (a) Pleasure Garden (b) Temple 16:08
17. Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons - The Backstreets Of Marsport Ain’t No Place For Tourists 04:56
18. Kevin Lyons - Dark Flow 05:16
19. Cousin Silas & David Gerard - Bagatelle for Harp and Orchestra 03:54
20. Brother Saturn - I’ve Never Felt This Way Before 06:41
21. Cousin Silas - Tim Jones - Kevin Lyons - Radio Dunwich 07:22
22. Cousin Silas - The Other Jezebel 04:09
23. Cousin Silas - Old Tin Hat 04:39


a bonus track from Gurdonark: "Constellation Blackbird"


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