Saturday, January 9, 2016

Presenting ... "Dronescape 030 (waag_drs030)" by Cousin Silas

I am not alone in my appreciation of Cousin Silas’ music, he makes music that people want in their lives. This fact doesn’t surprise me when I consider some of his lighter moments with their beats, literary samples and general sense of fun; but I do get surprised at the fact so many people have taken to his dronescapes. These post-60 minute epics are an acquired taste and yet they are, by far, the most popular series that weareallghosts has put out. Not only do they keep the lights on, so to speak, and allow us to keep offering most of the music for free / pay what you want … they also keep the passion hot. I genuinely look forward to each and everyone, and after thirty pieces plus an album of edited drones, I have yet to see feel the anticipation wane. The thirtieth sonic adventure is no exception: it is expansive, engaging, and deeply entertaining to a longform fan like me.

As with our compilation and at the behest of Cousin Silas himself, there will be a small charge for the thirtieth dronescape during the month of January. All proceeds will be donated to HOSPICE UK, a charity based in the UK that supports the development of hospice care in the UK and internationally.

weareallghosts is my main side-project and something I do for the love of it. My main employment is as a Business Analyst in Glasgow, Scotland; my employer actively and generously supports HOSPICE UK and doubles any donation made by her staff - by paying for this dronescape we will hopefully be able to raise some more money for a really great cause and give a little good back into the world.

The album will not be available on Archive or on Soundcloud.

My sincere thanks to Cousin Silas for making music people want in their lives and for suggesting we raise a wee bit more for HOSPICE UK with his thirtieth dronescape.


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