Thursday, January 16, 2014

Presenting ... "The Gallery of Time (waag_sng006)" by Christopher Alvarado & Stephen Briggs

I totally missed this track. It was intended for our recent end-of-year compilation and it got bogged down in my inbox.

I am so sorry to Christopher Alvarado and Stephen Briggs for my oversight ... and to make it up to them I've decided to release it as a free single.

That said, I am also releasing it because it is a superb piece of music ... a track where two distinct musicians have come together to make something new and unique ... a synergy, so to speak, and a fabulous one at that.

This is the kind of ambient music that weareallghosts was brought into being to support ... and I am proud to do so ... albeit 16 days later than I should have.




  1. Love this track guys. Any chance of putting this one up on a future podcast?

  2. Feel free Michael ... please ensure you give us a link back and you are good to go!