Sunday, December 13, 2020

Presenting ... all​|​is​|​bright_2020 (waag_COM005)

When I spoke out loud about my love for the all|is|calm series that Brad used to curate over on his netlabel, FreeFloating, and wondered if we could revive it ... needless-to-say I didn't expect the response I've received: 17 wonderfully diverse tracks that really work together and, for the most part, bring something meditative for this time of the year.

Yes, some of the artists didn't take the direction I gave them of "not too out there" ... but do I care? Not one bit. The music on this, the fifth weareallghosts compilation, is simply delightful and I am rather overwhelmed, if truth be told.

From the fantastic opener from Tim Kays that references rocket launches to the minimal piece from Kevin Buckland, we have a very varied selection of predominately ambient music. The overall theme is downbeat and melodic with some excellent pieces from Allen Pitts, Cousin Silas, George L Smyth, and Pat Pik.

We also have some more atmospheric and abstract pieces from Pendro, Jaime Munárriz, Puppy Bordiga, and Autonomaton that bring something special and really up the interesting level.

Thomas Jackson Park makes a welcome return to waag with one of his generative pieces that acts as an intriguing prelude to his upcoming release on waag in the new year.

There are more sequenced, electronic pieces from Brian Talgo, James Lowe, Ramón Sánchez, and EISENLAGER in the mix too ... all bringing a sense of the upbeat and the euphoric to the compilation.

Lastly, we have a late addition from Jon Johnson that is crazy brilliant in the way all the best Christmas songs are.

All of this combines to make nearly 2 hours of truly exceptional electronic music ... and I thank all the artists for their work!

I also extend my thanks to Cousin Silas for his help with sound levels and sequencing of the compilation.

I would like to give something back with this compilation ... so all monies received will be donated to charity. As such, this compilation will not be available on Archive.

- Thomas

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