Sunday, August 9, 2020

Presenting ... Cousin Silas & Friends volume 8 part 2 (waag_rel140)

Cousin Silas & Friends volume 8 part 2 (waag_rel140) - Front


Cousin Silas & Friends volume 8 part 2 (waag_rel140) - back

In April, I spoke of strange days requiring strange music ... that uneasy listening is ideally for the uneasy times that we experience. 

I didn't think that, in what is now the second-half of 2020, things would remain so utterly weird: 

Whilst our shops and restaurants and cafes and pubs open up ... we have face-masks and hand-sanitiser and still cannot hug our loved ones. Our movements are tracked and whole towns have been locked back down due to a resurgence in the virus. We have people grateful for the relaxation in the rules, trying as best they can to get back to some sense of normality and we also have people protesting having to wear a mask as if looking after both yourself and your neighbour is a bad thing. 

And in response to these strange and uncertain times, Cousin Silas amassed a group of his friends to create, in collaboration and at a distance, another of his exceptional " ... and friends" albums.

Together, alone ... this group of friends has created music that speaks to this day with ambient sounds, beats, guitar and bass. I welcome more music from Cousin Silas and his friends, and thank him for this: the second part of Volume 8 ... may this become the soundtrack to your time at home. 

- Thomas 

PS ... Volume 8 in all its parts will be "pay what you want" ... I would rather you download this album for free and pay it forward by using the money you may have spent to donate to a charity doing something positive in these strange days. 

I also want this album to be accessible to folks who may have financial concerns as a result of the pandemic ... please take the album for free and may it be a help and blessing to you in these uncertain times. 


01. Cousin Silas & Glove Of Bones - Intermission 3 - Nails 03:11

02. Cousin Silas & Autonomaton - Storm Of Days 05:04

03. Cousin Silas, Glenn Sogge, Ron Shayler, Puppy Bordiga, & Jaime Munárriz - Urban Suburban 04:45

04. Cousin Silas & Adam Steinberg - Drak Bonsere 06:32

05. Cousin Silas, Tubby Myers, Ron Shayler, & Puppy Bordiga - Where has Everyone Gone 06:01

06. Cousin Silas & computerchemist - Goodbye Home Service 07:40

07. Cousin Silas, Tubby Myers & Altocirrus - Downbeat 07:37

08. Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath - Holy Moly, She Said And.. 08:14

09. Cousin Silas & Pete Swinton - Sharks In Venice (Part 2) 05:03

10. Cousin Silas & Pendro - Leo McKern's Kegs 12:06

11. Cousin Silas & Adam Steinberg - Approaching Metropolis 05:59

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