Sunday, February 10, 2013

Presenting... "Silas & Friends volume 1 (waag_rel015)"

I'll be honest. Cousin Silas is the reason I started this netlabel. I loved his music so much that I wanted to provide an outlet for it. 10 months later and weareallghosts presents his latest collection of ambient soundscapes ... music worked in partnership with some really cool people. This is a record I am very proud to release and one I know will stand the test of time.

Here's what I had to say on the release notes:
Cooperation is defined as "an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit."

Silas & Friends volume 1 (waag_rel015) is a prime example of cooperation in action. Cousin Silas has cooperated with some of the best artists in the ambient genre - Phillip Wilkerson, Bing Satellites, emptywhale, Chris Lynn, Gareth Jones, and Daniel Prendiville - to make some wondrous ambient soundscapes.

Each soundscape is unique to the individual partnership, a product of their pairing. Each track stands alone in this regard.

And yet, this album is wonderfully cohesive, with Cousin Silas bringing it all together nicely and making something beautiful indeed. Something that will stand the test of time.

What's more - inspired by the cooperation embodied by Cousin Silas - I worked with photographer, Basil, and illustrator, Adam Howie, to create a cover fit for this album, one that eloquently represents the music presented.

This project has been an eye-opener for me. It has shown me what can be done when like-minded people come together to work on a common task. I hope you will be as inspired as I am with what can and is possible when creative people work together.

As always ... an mp3 version is available over on for free ... with a lossless version available for 'pay what you want' over on Bandcamp. Have a wee listen via the embedded player below. The Bandcamp version includes three wallpapers as well as the music.

My thanks to Cousin Silas and to everyone involved with this project: Phillip Wilkerson, Chris Lynn, Bing Satellites, Gareth Jones, Daniel Prendiville and emptywhale; as well as Basil and Adam Howie.

I hope you will come to love the album's otherworldliness as much as I do.


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