Saturday, August 12, 2023

Presenting ... Night Trek (waag_rel156) by Allen Pitts

For every season in one's life there is a journey to be made. Sometimes the journey is by choice, sometimes by chance. The music that is being shared in this collection is a representation of both the chances and the choices of the last two years.

We can look forward to the journey, though the way seems dark, for there are stars overhead and the hope of a new day ahead. Remember the promise: and it came to pass...

- Allen Pitts

When Allen explained the concept of his latest album, I was immediately onboard ... I had a field recording that would work and shared it with him.

But then he asked me to contribute further with some spoken word ... and I was "errr ok" ... we have extensive wooded areas near my home and I envisioned walking there.

It took me about ten takes to get it right but I think it works in the context of what Allen is trying to convey ... the preparation and the movement of the journey.

I welcome this album from Allen and hope it brings you joy.

- Thomas

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