Friday, March 3, 2023

Presenting ... Silence Your Heart (waag_rrl015) by Brother Saturn



Drew Brady aka Brother Saturn, one of the stalwarts of weareallghosts, is back on waag with a new album entitled "Silence Your Heart".

Featuring their easily recognisable deeply layered, looped and manipulated guitar, "Silence Your Heart" is another wonderful example of how Drew continues to grow as an ambient musician.

The soundscapes on this recording are an absolute delight, they are emotive and considered, and evidently crafted with care and intent by Drew.

The inspiration for the album came from an intensely emotional period for Drew ... as they said, when we were discussing the release, sometimes you need to silence your heart and listen to your brain to get through things.

"Silence Your Heart" has been near the top of my listening rotation since Drew released it on his own Bandcamp page - - on February 3rd ... and I am proud to release it here on waag with an exclusive bonus track, "A Story Of Storied Stories", a 9-minute opus that is very much in keeping with the sound of waag.

I am grateful to Drew for entrusting this album to waag and giving us a wee exclusive ... I hope you find this album as rewarding as I have.

- Thomas

PS: this album will not be released on our Archive page

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