Friday, February 25, 2022

Presenting ... Circular Dwell (waag_rel154) by Jaime Munárriz

I have this idea of frozen time that haunts me.

This was the opening sentence when Jaime Munárriz approached me with a piece of music he had recorded. It goes without saying that I was intrigued.

He went on to say it was, in part, inspired by a long piece of music by Steve Reich, entitled Somnium, and then describe his recording process: he recorded "Circular Dwell" in one take and would add little elements of processed guitar to the piece during the recording ... he kept on going for the whole 78 minutes ... people would be around him, call at the door, ring the phone, but he kept recording, isolated ... and yet not alone.

"Circular Dwell (waag_rel154)" is a fascinating piece ... one that starts, and stops, abruptly. It is dark and unnerving and yet deeply enthralling.

I found it a compelling listen.

- Thomas

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