Thursday, June 6, 2019

Presenting ... The Glow Of An Old Valve (waag_tap001) by The Collective

"The Collective is a band at a distance. A group of like-minded folk from around the globe who coalesced in the Cousin Silas Emporium around the idea of producing a wide-ranging musical collaboration as a homage to the Byrne/Eno works of the early 70s. Given the huge diversity of talent, the end result is nothing like its inspiration, but remains gloriously original." 
- Taken from the liner notes

I'm delighted to release the first album from The Collective on weareallghosts ... it is a deep, interesting release that I hope will keep you as entertained as I have been. In fact, it has whetted my whistle for the reference material from Byrne & Eno. Too many artists on the album to thank by name ... suffice to say, however, that I am grateful to both Cousin Silas and Adrian Nicholls aka Glove of Bones for bringing their collaboration to my attention.

The Glow Of An Old Valve (waag_tap001) is also our first audio cassette release on weareallghosts ...  with 100 tapes available for purchase at £5 each (£1 more than the digital download).

I've been wanted to experiment with tape as a physical medium and I am grateful to Rob Mellor from the Submarine Broadcasting Company for all his help and advice.

If you decide to buy a tape then I am grateful. I don't know whether you have a tape player in your home to listen to the album on or if you are buying this cassette for the novelty factor and to own an artefact ... but your support is appreciated.

This album will not be made available on Archive.

- Thomas

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