Saturday, November 3, 2018

Presenting ... The Pleiades and other Astral Overtones (waag_rel119) by George L Smyth

After the warm reception of "Winterfylleth (waag_rel111)", I was eager to work with George L Smyth again and was delighted when he submitted this five-track album that was inspired by the heavenly bodies that easily define our concept of space: we look up in the night sky and can see the Bears or Orion's Belt, and in doing so we dream of what it would be like to be there.

Space has always captured our imagination as humans ... the pioneering spirit of adventure, the unspoilt beauty and the unforgiving environment, that otherness that we so desperately seek ... enhanced by the wonderful imagery produced by the likes of NASA and the futuristic vision of our favourite sci-fi writers and illustrators.

And it is with this inspiration that George L Smyth has created such a wonderful album. "The Pleiades and other Astral Overtones (waag_rel119)" is a fitting addition to the weareallghosts body of work and to Smyth's canon too, an hour or so of the most delightful escapism where the listener is transported to the very bodies the tracks are titled after.

This is truly music of the spheres ... of the constellations ... of the planets and moons above and around us. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

As before, my thanks goes to Cousin Silas, Kevin Lyons & Tim Jones, and to Warren Daly … Adrian Nicholls ... Drew Miller ... and the wonderful waag community ... for their generous support. 
A 320kbps version of this release will be available, for free, over on Archive with a lossless version available here on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’.


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