Sunday, September 24, 2017

Presenting ... "Permutations (waag_rel105)" by Cousin Silas

Permutations is the second in Cousin Silas' remix projects. As with Recrudescence (waag_rel094) our favourite Cousin has reworked his original soundscapes (the exact ones he will not divulge to me) to create something wonderfully fresh and new that will enthral all who listen.

Permutations consists of seven tracks that vary in length for approximately six and a half minutes through to nearly seventeen. They all have Cousin Silas' delightfully gentle and languid longform vibe but their conciseness and brevity, in comparison with his dronescape work, adds an extra dimension, making for a complete body of work: seven ideas that work as one with a togetherness that inspires;

Thanks to the generous support of folks like Cousin Silas ... Warren DalyKevin Lyons ... Adrian Nicholls ... Drew Miller ... and the wonderful waag community ... I’m proud to be able to offer a 320kbps version of this release for free over on Archive with a lossless version available here on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’.

Permutations has quickly become my reading soundtrack of choice. I hope it finds its own wee niche in your life.

- Thomas

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