Saturday, February 18, 2017

Presenting ... Scenes (waag_rrl006) by Coloured Lines

Adam Greenhead aka Coloured Lines is a patient man, Scenes, his latest full length album, should have been rereleased on weareallghosts a wee while ago but, for one reason or another, it was delayed ... that is until now. I guess albums on waag are like Wizards, they are never late but arrive exactly when they are meant to. But still, thanks for your patience!

I'm proud to rerelease Scenes for two reasons ... firstly, Scenes is a cracking slice of energetic instrumental electronica that deserves a wider audience (hence it is being rereleased on waag) and secondly, Greenhead is a lovely chap who deserves to be supported in what he does ... not just as Coloured Lines ... but in his latest venture, Bad Bat Records, a netlabel dedicated to helping release and promote independent artists. He's a giver and it's great to give back to givers like him.

As to the music, well it is wonderfully energetic and upbeat electronica that wouldn't be out of place on a Ghostly Records compilation ... it is well crafted and engaging ... a delight from start to finish. It seeks to convey a story with each track tells another chapter in that story ... a story of love and loss enacted under the glare of artificial lighting.

weareallghosts has made it's name on ambient music but it will always seek to stake it's reputation on the adventurous and the out-there. Scenes fits this ... just as the work of Cousin Silas, Delicate Apparatus and Matthew VandenBrook have before it. I hope these albums give you a real taste for what is to come in 2017 from us?

As this album is a rerelease and our intention is to support Greenhead in his endeavours, a small charge will be levied ... Scenes will not be available on Archive ... and all proceeds will go to Greenhead.


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