Saturday, March 7, 2015

Presenting ... Cousin Silas David Gerard (waag_rel065) by Cousin Silas & David Gerard

Cousin Silas is the reason weareallghosts exists. Not only is he our greatest patron, his music is the label's answer to the question "why?" ... Why did waag come into being? To release the music of Dave Hughes aka Cousin Silas. We've grown since those formative days ... we now exist to release the kind of experimental ambient electronic soundscapes that get little attention elsewhere & to do it in a manner that makes it accessible to all who want it.

I used to wonder why Cousin Silas collaborates so much & then I realised: it is his way of learning so he can progress to the next level. He soaks in every interaction and takes all he has gleaned and brings it to his next engagement. It really is fascinating to watch.

It is with all of this in mind that I present "Cousin Silas David Gerard (waag_rel065)", a meeting of minds and sounds from Cousin Silas and Dave Gerard, an album that ticks all my boxes. I found it immersive and deeply engaging. I found I couldn't identify where one man stops and the other starts. I can pinpoint sounds and textures used by both men now, after repeated listens, but I do consider this to be a truly seamless musical expression, one that has soundtracked my life and, in particular, my commute to and from Glasgow over the last few weeks.

We’ve experienced, first hand, when Cousin Silas clicks with someone: his collaborations with Kevin Lyons are remarkable and when you throw Ade Hodges into the mix, something truly magical appears. Something similar has happened here, in my opinion: two greats in the field of ambient electronic expression have some together to make something beautiful. From the opening of “Afternoon Reprise” (which makes me think of the opening to “where the streets have no name” by U2) to the final refrain of “Metamorphoses”, this is 76 minutes of sheer unadulterated ambient delight.

"Cousin Silas David Gerard (waag_rel065)" will sit prominently in the bodies of work of both men: an exemplary collaboration that shows the power and majesty when people work so selflessly together. The synergy on display is to be marvelled and cherished. It certainly will be by me.

I really do hope you enjoy "Cousin Silas David Gerard (waag_rel065)" as much as I do.

An MP3 version of this album is available for free on Archive or a lossless version available on Bandcamp for 'pay what you want' which does include £0 ... and remember, paying supporters on Bandcamp also get unlimited mobile access to the album using the free Bandcamp listening app.

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- Tx


Cousin Silas and I have been friends and admirers of each other’s music – when preparing for my 16th solo release, Homage, I wrote a piece dedicated to him called (what else?) “For My Cousin, Silas.” David told me he felt I did a nice tribute to him, and would’ve been proud to put his name on it. That got me to thinking, “Hey! We should work on something.” After all, Silas has collaborated with a bunch of folks before (particularly on his “and friends” series of albums), and I think our styles are individual, yet simpatico. We started recording tracks in November of last year, while both multi-tasking on other album projects, and yet, things gelled instantly between David and I, and we were able to put a full recording together in an amazingly short time period – I guess we were both “in the zone” and feeding off of each other’s creativity. At the end of the day, you can say we created a musical work that we’re proud of, and had a blast doing. I suspect you’ve haven’t heard the last from us.

- David Gerard

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