Sunday, September 22, 2013

Presenting ... "The Quiet Forest (waag_rel030)" by Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas

The 30th album on weareallghosts is an innovate collaboration between a couple of giants of ambient electronic music: Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas ... two chaps I am proud to call friends.

“The Quiet Forest (waag_rel030)” features six wonderfully emotive and aurally stimulating ambient soundscapes. They are the kind of visually arresting atmospheres that got me into ambient electronic music all those years ago. The minute I heard them … I knew they would make for a fitting release on weareallghosts.

The music Hertz & Silas have made here is the kind of music that holds that extra special added dimension ... theirs is the kind of music that transports the listener to far off realms and alternate realities. Field recordings underpin dark, eerie synths to create the soundtrack for one or more Lovecraftian dystopias. “South Wind”, for example, reminded me so much of “At the Mountains of Madness” that I was compelled to reread Lovecraft’s classic story.

This album is a tribute to both Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas ... whose synergistic partnership has really made something beautiful indeed.

As before, an MP3 version will be available over on Archive weir free with a lossless version available on Bandcamp for ’pay what you want’ ... which does include £0. Don't worry if you can't pay ... I have the credits ... all I would ask, if you download “The Quiet Forest (waag_rel030)” for free, that you post about it on Twitter or Facebook and tell all your friends about the special partnership that is Hertz & Silas … oh and if you tell them about this wee netlabel too, it would be appreciated.

- Tx

released 23 September 2013
Music by Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas
Photography by Dagmar Salomon

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