Sunday, July 15, 2012

Announcing our fourth release (waag_rel004)... Ghost Drones by Wolfgang Merx

When Wolfgang offered me what he termed was an album of 'experimental drones' for weareallghosts I jumped at the chance... I admire Wolfgang and appreciate his use of my photography with his personal releases and thought this would be an appropriate way of giving back.

When I returned from my Summer holidays the album was waiting for me in my Dropbox. I wasn't disappointed. The music he offers here is experimental... at times in a Radiophonic Workshop kind of way... but there is true substance and a real sense of imagination on offer too. I hope you will enjoy Ghost Drones as much as I have.

Normally I'd give you some notice that a release was about to drop... but it felt better to launch this album... in conjunction with Wolfgang Merx and his label The New Underground without any hype... it's best to let the music speak for itself.

The album features Wolfgang Merx on keyboards & synthesizers... along with contributions from Roger Palmeri on guitar ("continental drift")... Sean Cotterill on guitar ("entry of the prisoners", "on land" & "continental drift")... and Tom Emmons on keyboards ("entry of the prisoners").

I have embedded it below for you to have a wee listen:

This album is available for Pay What You Want on our Bandcamp page and over on Wolfgang's Bandcamp page too.

Please note: a 320kbps version of this album is available over at Archive for free ... if 320kbps is what you are after please head over there and save us a download credit... unless you feel generous and wish to support this endeavour through buying the music. All profits raised will go directly to Wolfgang.


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